Chapter 23: An Unexpected Kiss (1)

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He Jiayu smiled gently, Chi Yuanfeng looked envious, while Sheng Yize had on his poker face.

Sis Ke replied for them, “They’ll gain weight if they eat too much, which doesn’t look good on camera.” After explaining that, she added earnestly, “Don’t forget your daily exercise. One extra kilo is enough to make you look hideous on camera! So, for the sake of your futures, keep that in mind!”

She sounded just like a strict and stiff teacher, which gave An Xiaxia the willies.

An Xiaxia also had a bit more sympathy for Starry Night now.

It turned out… being an idol wasn’t that easy at all…

They couldn’t even fill their stomachs… Boohoo , An Xiaxia thought in her mind as she “cried” for them.

Halfway through the meal, Sis Ke got a phone call and left hastily.

As soon as she left, Sheng Yize immediately ordered, “An Xiaxia.”

“Yes?” An Xiaxia was eating her dad’s tasty fish soup.

“Get me a bowl of rice.”

“Me too!”

“Ahem… get one for me, too.”

Three handsome guys were looking at her eagerly, which made her heart melt.

“Okay…” She giggled and filled up their bowls with rice.

As she watched them eat the rice with various attitudes, she suddenly realized that they were actually hiding from Sis Ke!

No matter how mature they looked on TV, in some ways, they actually were no more different than most teenagers.

In her mind, she had erased a lot of her hostility toward them. Even her urge to help her idol Rong Che by throwing shade on them on social media had significantly decreased.

An Xiaxia fell into a deep sleep with mixed feelings of having three celebrities live in her house.

The next day.

She was awakened by her ringtone. Turning over in bed impatiently, she picked it up. “Hello? Who’s this?!”

Sheng Yize’s deep, pleasant voice came through the speaker. “An Xiaxia, you have three minutes. Come to me immediately.”

” Sob … I need to sleep…”

“Oh, have you forgotten your job as an assistant that soon? Fine, I’ll just go to Uncle An and let him pay your debt!” Sheng Yize threatened her coldly.

This move worked surprisingly well as An Xiaxia jumped out of bed right away. She whined, “It was my fault… I’ll go, I’ll be there, okay?”

She washed up with drowsy eyes, looking miserable.

What sin had she committed in her last life that god had to send such a devil to punish her?!

An Xiaxia put on a random dress and ran upstairs hastily. Sheng Yize was lying on the couch, playing lazily on his phone.

When he heard her, he said slowly, “You are late by two minutes.”

An Xiaxia went up to him and said obsequiously, “Boss Yize, please cut me some slack. Who can get up that early on the weekend? Besides, what did you want to see me about?”

The morning sunshine shone through the giant French windows into the room. Her delicate face was up close and she carried a faint scent of lemongrass, which was an unexpected surprise to Sheng Yize.

After a long while, he stood up and said, “Come along with me to the company; I have to get something. The driver is waiting downstairs.”

An Xiaxia whined again, “You obviously can go on your own. Why did you have to get me…”

“Miss An, please act like the assistant you should be!” Sheng Yize twitched his lips. “Keep doing this and I’ll consider the contract invalid. You’ll then have to pay back the money immediately!”

As soon as he mentioned the money, all of An Xiaxia’s arrogant vigor was ruthlessly seized by the throat. She then lowered her head and followed behind Sheng Yize blindly.

She was as obedient as a tiny tail.

“She indeed looks cuter when she’s well-behaved,” Sheng Yize thought.