Chapter 230: You’re My Girlfriend From Now On (2)

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“I shouldn’t have attacked your self-esteem, shattered your fragile nerves, and humiliated you in front of so many people…” An Xiaxia listed them one after another and pleaded in a pitiful voice. “It was all my fault and I apologize. Can you forgive me?”

Sheng Yize’s face darkened as she went on. What on earth was this woman talking about?

What did she mean by his self-esteem and his fragile nerves? Did he look that pretentious to her?!

“Anything else?” he asked with a sullen face.

“Huh? There’s more?” An Xiaxia was dumbfounded. She counted on her fingers and tried to remember, but couldn’t come up with anything else.

She asked tentatively, “Um… Boss Yize, please enlighten me and tell me what I did wrong…”

Sheng Yize darted her a sharp look and raised his chin. “You shouldn’t have talked to Qi Yanxi, not to mention ask him to play in the basketball game! Have you ever once thought about my feelings?”

“Of course I have.” An Xiaxia nodded obsequiously while asking silently in her head, “I can’t even talk to the guy now?”

“Don’t talk to him anymore,” Sheng Yize said like a tsundere. With his long legs crossed, he looked as aloof as a king with his domineering air.

“Fine…” An Xiaxia agreed obediently, then said eagerly, “Since he’s playing, you don’t have to…”

Sheng Yize frowned and said unhappily, “An Xiaxia, do you really like Qi Yanxi that much? Are you worshipping him because he can play basketball so well? Heh, do I need to offer my congratulations on your happily-ever-after?”

An Xiaxia was frightened by his sudden anger and huddled back in her corner again.

Sob … That was not what she meant.

The middle-aged driver had a headache now. Gosh, how dumb could his young master be?!

Girls were supposed to be treated with gentleness. How could Miss An like him if he was grumpy and sullen all the time?

He drove as usual as he turned on the music, letting the relaxing piano music ease the awkwardness a little.

In order to help Sheng Yize, he pretend to strike up a conversation with An Xiaxia as he asked, “Miss An, why didn’t you want Young Master to play in the game?”

An Xiaxia hesitated a little and stole a glance at Sheng Yize’s sullen face before saying gingerly, “His leg was hurt before… I was worried that it would get injured again if he played…”

The driver chuckled, “Wow, Miss An, are you worried about our young master?”

An Xiaxia blushed immediately at those words and buried her face in her hands without a word.

The look on Sheng Yize’s face changed and his eyes slowed shifted to An Xiaxia’s pink cheeks.

Damn it… Was the little dummy worried about him?

“Tch, I’m perfectly fine. That injury was nothing.”

“That doesn’t mean you can ignore it! Plus, I don’t think you’re that fine…” grumbled An Xiaxia.

Sheng Yize smiled crookedly. “At least I know — how to breathe when I’m kissing.”

Pfft —

An Xiaxia’s cheeks turned redder and she got flustered at the thought of their past kisses.

“Sheng Yize! You pervert! You dog! Get away from me!”

“Stop thinking so highly of yourself. I’m not interested in flat-chested little girls like you.”

“You!” An Xiaxia thought she was going to pass out from the humiliation and anger and she swore she would never talk to him again.


When she wasn’t looking, the look Sheng Yize gave her became gentle and affectionate again.

An Xiaxia, you’re so dumb but so perfect. What am I going to do with you?