Chapter 231: You’re My Girlfriend From Now On (3)

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Early the next morning.

Although the little episode between her and Sheng Yize was over, the awkwardness still hadn’t passed completely. An Xiaxia decided to take the bus to school.

The moment she was out the door, she bumped into a tall and sturdy figure who smiled cockily at her. “Morning, Little Dummy Xia.”

“Morning…” said An Xiaxia, dumbfounded. “Qi Yanxi?? What are you doing outside my house?”

“What do you think? Picking you up for school, obviously.” He smiled a careless smile and looked into the eyes of Sheng Yize, who was now standing behind An Xiaxia. Qi Yanxi’s voice then turned a few degrees colder. “I’m no national idol and I’m a free man, compared with some other fellow. Unlike him, I can ride the bus with you. That’s something he probably can’t do in this lifetime…”

An Xiaxia forced out a chuckle. On second thought, Qi Yanxi did have a point. If Sheng Yize walked into a bus with that handsome face, he would be boggled at like a panda at the zoo.

“You know… I can go to school on my own, Qi Yanxi.” An Xiaxia made sure to keep her distance from Qi Yanxi, so as not to lead him on again.

Qi Yanxi ignored her words and followed her with a scowl.

An Xiaxia was speechless. “Stop following me!”

“I just happen to be using the same route and riding the same bus as you. Little Dummy Xia, do you own this street? Are you driving the bus? If not, why can’t I ride with you?”

Despite his false reasoning, An Xiaxia couldn’t do anything about it. She gritted her teeth and got on the bus in frustration.

Qi Yanxi smiled like the cat that had had gotten the cream. He hopped onto the bus with his long legs and was gloating when a deep voice rang out behind him. “Excuse me.”

Why did that voice sound familiar?

Looking around, Qi Yanxi was baffled.

Could someone please explain to him why Sheng Yize was on the bus as well and wearing a cap and a gauze mask?

He wasn’t the only one baffled; An Xiaxia didn’t look any better. Sheng Yize, on the other hand, stepped onto the bus with perfect composure.

For a moment, the atmosphere on the bus became very weird.

Finally, the driver couldn’t take it anymore and cleared his throat. “Hey, ticket, please. One yuan per passenger!”

Sheng Yize and Qi Yanxi both frowned spontaneously. It was clear that neither of these rich young masters had ridden a bus before.

Sheng Yize took out his wallet and the only notes inside were a wad of pink 100-yuan bills. He took one out and was going to thrust it into the slot, at which An Xiaxia stopped him, looking horrified. “What are you doing?”

“Buying a ticket.” He gave a concise reply.

An Xiaxia felt like passing out. “They don’t give change on the bus…”

Qi Yanxi wouldn’t be left out. He fumbled in his wallet and produced a black card, then said in a commanding tone, “There! Use my card!”

The bus driver gave him an “are you nuts” look.

An Xiaxia eyed the two privileged young masters with mixed feelings and reached into her own pocket in resignation. There, she found three one-yuan bills and put them into the slot.

“Let’s go. I think there are empty seats at the back.” An Xiaxia pointed.

Sheng Yize and Qi Yanxi exchanged a look, snorted at each other, and walked to the back.

There were indeed empty seats, but unfortunately, there were only two of them…

“Who’s supposed to sit here?” Qi Yanxi pursed his lips and eyed the threadbare seats in distaste.

Gosh! How did Little Dummy Xia survive all these years riding this lousy bus?

Sheng Yize said matter-of-factly, “We two will sit and you stand, obviously.”

Qi Yanxi bristled. “Why?! No way! I’m taking the seat and you’re standing!”

“Heh… she’s sick and I’m weak. Are you going to take the seats away from us?” Sheng Yize looked very earnest.

Qi Yanxi’s mouth twitched uncontrollably. Damn you, Sheng Yize! That’s the most shameless excuse I’ve ever heard!