Chapter 232: You’re My Girlfriend From Now On (4)

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An Xiaxia was getting a headache from their squabbling and waved her hand helplessly. “You two go sit down and I’ll stand, ok?”

“No!” The two rejected her in unison.

An Xiaxia: “…”

The bus then stopped at a station and a couple got on carrying a kid. Seeing that no one around them was going to give up their seats, An Xiaxia asked Sheng Yize and Qi Yanxi, then gave the seats to the couple.

She stood on tiptoe and held onto the handrail. The driver hit the brake hard when they drove over a bumpy section and An Xiaxia lost her balance. She was thrown forward and almost fell down.

“F**k. Does he call that driving?!” Qi Yanxi rolled up his sleeves and cursed with a savage look on his face.

An Xiaxia was going to tell him to calm down when Sheng Yize pulled her into his arms. Thanks to his height, he wasn’t affected at all. He then said indifferently, “You can hold onto me.”

An Xiaxia was dazed before she felt the temperature in her cheeks rise again…

Heart racing, she reached out her little hands and held onto his arm.

Sheng Yize moved closer so that she could grab onto him more easily. However, their poses now looked as if he had wrapped her in his arms.

Qi Yanxi suddenly became the third wheel and he couldn’t help but complain. “Damn, that was fast! Hey, Dummy Xia, come here and hold onto me! I’m much more reliable!”

By now, An Xiaxia had gotten used to his childishness and shook her head. Instead, she clutched Sheng Yize’s sleeve even tighter.

Sheng Yize smiled the faintest smile and gave Qi Yanxi a swaggering look.

Qi Yanxi stood on the other side, feeling deserted. He very much wanted to punch someone right now!

Damn it! Why did the girls he like always get stolen away?

The thought made him purse his lips and straighten his face.

He had been so taken with teasing An Xiaxia and provoking Sheng Yize that he had almost forgotten what he had come here for!

He took out his phone and quickly sent An Xiaxia a message.

However, An Xiaxia was so completely overwhelmed by her shy-girl-in-love mood that she kept her head lowered with her cheeks flushed. She didn’t even dare look up at Sheng Yize.

Qi Yanxi gnashed his teeth at the infatuated look on her face and found it an agonizing scene to watch.

When they finally arrived at school, Qi Yanxi seized the opportunity to tug at An Xiaxia’s collar and whisper, “Check your phone.”

“Huh?” An Xiaxia was at a loss, but Qi Yanxi had already walked away.

When she reached her seat, she took out the new phone she had bought for herself. As for those Sheng Yize had bought, she had made him return them all.

Although Sheng Yize had more than enough money not to care about it, for her, being wasteful was a sin!

On the screen was an incoming message from an unknown sender.

Tapping it open, she saw that it was from Qi Yanxi.

“An Xiaxia, pretend to be my girlfriend for a day! I need you to take care of my ex! You can’t say no, or I’ll send this to Sheng Yize. I’d love to see him lose his temper~”

Below it was an irritating devil smiley face and a picture.

An Xiaxia zoomed in on the picture and saw that it was that thing she had signed before!

“An Xiaxia has willingly become the personal belonging of Qi Yanxi…”

Oh no! Why had she been so stupid to leave something like that behind with Qi Yanxi?

An Xiaxia felt like crying and was utterly conflicted.

Should she agree to that?

She stole a glance at Sheng Yize and her heart raced.

If he knew about this… He would definitely scold her again.

Well… It would only be for a day… It would be alright!

She encouraged herself and replied to Qi Yanxi with an “OK” emoji.