Chapter 235: You’re My Girlfriend From Now On (7)

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An Xiaxia was dumbfounded. Hadn’t Sheng Yize left? Why was he back at school and more importantly, why had he come to the piano room?

Without knowing it, she tried to stay away from Qi Yanxi. However, Qi Yanxi clutched her wrist tightly and smiled like a blossoming flower. “Hi, Sheng Yize. Remember when you pulled the rug from under my feet… I finally know what it feels like to be the poacher~”

An Xiaxia almost choked. Qi Yanxi was saying this on purpose!

She was such a fool to even consider helping him!

Had this fellow anticipated this and was trying to kill two birds with one stone? Not only could he take revenge on Li Fanxing in this way, he also dragged herself and Sheng Yize into this mess!

“You sneaky bastard!” An Xiaxia cursed furiously.

Qi Yanxi rubbed her head with a smile, leaned down, and whispered into her little ear, “Little Dummy Xia, sell me out now and I’ll let you know what a living hell is.”

Damn him!

An Xiaxia wished she could bite his face off. Inside the piano room, Li Fanxing seemed to realize something as well and said with a smile, “Young Master Qi, since your heart now belongs to someone else, I guess all that is left for me to say is to wish you your happiness.”

Qi Yanxi swayed a little at those words.

Sheng Yize sneered. He then punched Qi Yanxi in the face and dragged An Xiaxia away.

The crowd erupted like boiling water.

“Gosh, is there a love triangle now?”

“How did An Xiaxia do it? Poor Goddess Fanxing…”

“Goddess Fanxing, mwaaa!”

The group of guys in love with Li Fanxing all turned to her with sympathetic looks, which only irritated Qi Yanxi even more. He said gloomily to the crowd, “Shut up, all of you! One word of what happened gets out and you’re all dead!”

Everyone stopped talking right away. After all, boys weren’t as devoted to gossip, and soon they all scattered.

Li Fanxing pressed her hand to her chest as she watched Qi Yanxi leave. She thought her head was going to explode from the rage!

Why? Why were the person who liked her and the one she liked both involved with An Xiaxia?

That goddamn An Xiaxia!

An Xiaxia was so scared she thought she was going to get a heart attack.

Sheng Yize didn’t speak a word the entire time from the piano room to his car, neither did he lose his temper. He only stared at her and smiled coldly.

She almost burst into tears. Had she known she would be found out eventually, she would rather be laughed at by Sheng Yize than see things turn out like this!

“Sheng Yize… Ac- actually… I can explain everything!” An Xiaxia said in a pitiful voice. “Don’t smile like that…”

It was so frightening!

Sheng Yize ignored her and kept sneering.

An Xiaxia tugged lightly at his sleeve, and Sheng Yize responded with a glare. She was immediately scared out of her wits and let go.

Her phone began to buzz just then. An Xiaxia took it out and saw the caller ID: Dog Qi.

While she was hesitating over picking it up, Sheng Yize’s cold voice rang out. “Pick it up! It’s from your Qi Yanxi!”

An Xiaxia buried her head in her chest and felt like she had committed some unforgivable crime. How could she pick it up?

An idea then dawned on her and An Xiaxia’s face lit up. She looked up. “Sheng Yize, are you jealous?”

Sheng Yize turned his piercing gaze on her right away!

“Jealous?” Sheng Yize snorted. “Are you reminding me that it’s not my place to be jealous?”

“No, no… That’s not what I meant…” An Xiaxia shook her head repeatedly. However, Sheng Yize suddenly held her chin in his palm and squeezed her cheeks in until she looked like a goldfish.

“Here’s an official announcement. You’re my girlfriend from now on!”