Chapter 237: Wanna Back Out? Too Late!

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“Ok, pinky swear.” The gentle smile reached Sheng Yize’s eyes as he hooked his finger with An Xiaxia’s fair and tender one.

An Xiaxia took out her phone as she bobbed their fingers together and turned on the recording. She then said seriously, “Sheng Yize, say your promises again. I’m recording it as evidence!”

The smile was wiped off Sheng Yize’s face right away.

Did she take him for someone who would break his word? Evidence?

The little fool!

He gave An Xiaxia’s head a knock with the knuckles of his free hand and scolded, “Are you saying you don’t trust me?”

An Xiaxia wailed with a hand over her head. “Mhm… I thought, ‘just in case.’ We haven’t even finished the pinky swear and you’re already treating me like this! I’m not doing it!”

She was going to draw back her hand. However, Sheng Yize read her mind and hooked his pinky around hers forcefully with a sneer, then gave it a shake. “Now the swear is complete. You wanna back out? Too late!”

An Xiaxia was aggrieved, feeling that she had walked into a trap.


Sheng Yize was apparently in a great mood after making fun of her. Leaning back against the seat, he pulled An Xiaxia into his arms despite her protests and justified this action by calling it “keeping close contact to foster their bond.”

An Xiaxia curled up in his arms and smelled his clean and refreshing scent. It all seemed so unreal.

The star she used to love trashing on a daily basis was now her boyfriend…

That was… unbelievable.

Her thoughts were interrupted by her ringing phone, which once again was a call from the persistent Qi Yanxi. An Xiaxia hesitated a little and looked up at Sheng Yize. “Sheng Yize, can I pick it up?”

Sheng Yize was in a great mood and granted her request. “Go ahead.”

He who struck first gained the advantage and she was now his girl! That moron Qi Yanxi could go cry himself to sleep!

The call went through and Qi Yanxi’s lazy voice came from the other end. “Xiaxia, guess where I am now?”

“I don’t want to guess…”

Qi Yanxi said with resignation, “Work with me here, OK?”

“Hm, fine. Where are you?”

“I brought a gift to your place to thank you for your cooperation today and Uncle An has asked me to stay for dinner. Sigh , how could I say no to such an sincere invitation~ Tell Sheng Yize not to be jealous~” Qi Yanxi laughed swaggeringly.

He simply wanted to irritate Sheng Yize. Making the guy angry would delight him immensely.

Right now, An Xiaxia was the person that could affect Sheng Yize’s mood the most.

An Xiaxia was feeling very awkward when Sheng Yize grabbed the phone from her hand with a smile that reminded her of a fox. “Qi Yanxi?”

“Um…” Qi Yanxi was obviously surprised on the other end, since he hadn’t expected Sheng Yize to be on the line.

“Do you know why you keep losing out to me?” Sheng Yize played with An Xiaxia’s hair as he said, “Have you ever heard about the term ‘outwitting’?”

“Damn it. Where are you going with this?!” Qi Yanxi fumed.

“I’m not jealous and I know perfectly well that An Xiaxia was only pretending to be your girlfriend. Because — she’s my girlfriend for real now. You got a problem with that? Oh, you do? None of my business, then. Bye.”

He hung up, still smiling.

An Xiaxia was shocked by that brazen speech. She could almost picture how freaked out Qi Yanxi must have been on the other end.

That vicious tongue was razor sharp!

Over on the other end, Qi Yanxi stood on the balcony of the An family home and bellowed angrily, “Sheng Yize — F**K — YOU!”

He hadn’t even begun to pull the rug out and Sheng Yize had already taken her into his nest?!

That shameless bastard!