Chapter 24: An Unexpected Kiss (2)

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Endless Night Entertainment.

An Xiaxia looked up at this magnificent building, her eyes filled with admiration.

This was the company that had groomed almost half of the celebrities in the entertainment industry, and most of them were extremely popular throughout the entire country. Starry Night in particular was considered second to none in the country.

Her cousin Qiao Mu also worked here, but the rule was that no one was allowed in the building except for employees.

However, Sheng Yize took her into the building!

When they went through the security check, An Xiaxia was on tenterhooks, fearing that security might kick her out. But as soon as the security guards saw Sheng Yize’s extremely handsome face which could make even gods jealous, they bowed respectfully and let them in.

An Xiaxia straightened her back instantly, feeling like she had found a patron.

After they got into the elevator, Sheng Yize pressed the button for the 26th floor and kept silent the whole time.

The elevator soon arrived. Sheng Yize pointed at a couch on the side and said, “Wait for me there. I’ll be done pretty soon.”

An Xiaxia nodded and sat down to rest. Before long, the pretty lady at the front desk even brought her a cup of coffee.

An Xiaxia drank her coffee and daydreamed about being a celebrity with thousands of fans.

However, the sounds of some boisterous argument interrupted her —

“I’ve said before, if you refuse my request, you’ll be shut out! Sheng Yize, even if you can afford to refuse, I don’t think the rest of them can!

“Besides, I was the one who built up all your popularity. If I can raise you to the top, I can crush you just the same!”

The growl of a middle-aged man came through the crack of the open door.

An Xiaxia gripped her cup tightly.

Oh god, what happened to Starry Night? Why would they be shut out?

As her thoughts ran wild, Sheng Yize walked out of the room calmly with a folder in his hand, and beckoned at her with his finger. “Let’s go.”

An Xiaxia hurriedly caught up to him.

When they almost reached the elevator, the elevator doors suddenly opened to reveal a regally handsome face.

The moment An Xiaxia saw that face, she was enraptured while Sheng Yize turned sullen.

“Oh god, it’s Rong Che! Oh my god, how can he be so handsome!” An Xiaxia was so excited at seeing her favorite celebrity that she almost wanted to pounce on him and ask for his autograph.

Her hands were grabbed and Sheng Yize dragged her away. She was gradually pulled further and further away from her idol.

“What are you doing?!” An Xiaxia was very angry. By that time, she had already been taken into the stairwell.

Sheng Yize had his back to her, and all sorts of expressions flashed across his face while An Xiaxia chattered on.

He frowned, then simply bent down and stopped An Xiaxia talking with a kiss!

The teenage girl’s lips were so clean, soft and sweet that he couldn’t help but kiss her harder.

An Xiaxia’s eyes were wide open. Oh god, was Sheng Yize ravishing her with a kiss?

“Let go of me.” She struggled desperately, but that just gave Sheng Yize another opportunity. His tongue slid into her mouth deftly and he kissed her harder.

An Xiaxia couldn’t get rid of his big hand clutching her by the waist and could only moan through her lips.

That elegant figure in the distance stopped and turned in their direction with a frown.

His agent was confused and asked, “Rong Che, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I must be imagining it.” Rong Che’s smile had a gracious air to it that didn’t seem to belong to this mortal world.

He had actually thought that he had seen Sheng Yize.

How could that be? That guy looked so abstinent that it was impossible for him to ravish a girl with a kiss in public, right?