Chapter 240: 101 Ways To Be Lovey-Dovey (1)

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An Xiaxia wailed, “No, that won’t be necessary. I’ll go memorize the texts… I’ll go.”

Sheng Yize let go of her in satisfaction. The smile on his face widened as he watched An Xiaxia sit down at her desk with the biggest frown.

Although they were now a couple, Sheng Yize didn’t forget about propriety. He left her room a moment later.

In the living room, Qi Yanxi was still chatting with Papa An. He didn’t say much, but was very well-mannered. It was obvious that Papa An liked him a lot as well.

Sheng Yize and Qi Yanxi’s eyes unavoidably met and there was silence for a couple of seconds. Qi Yanxi then excused himself to Papa An and went up to Sheng Yize.

“Wanna talk?”

Sheng Yize gave him a noncommittal nod.

They two then went up to the rooftop.

The sky above was filled with twinkling stars. The hazy city lights scattered the darkness around them and the bitterly cold winter wind felt like razors on the skin.

The two stood on the edge of the roof and didn’t break into a fight, which was rather rare. Qi Yanxi even took out a cigarette from his pocket and was going to light it when something seemed to strike him and he tossed the cigarette to Sheng Yize.

Sheng Yize didn’t look at him, but caught the cigarette nonetheless. He didn’t light it, but only played with it with his fingers.

“You and Little Dummy Xia are together now?” Qi Yanxi asked grumpily.

Sheng Yize smiled but didn’t speak.

“Shit.” Qi Yanxi cursed under his breath, then cursed, pointing at Sheng Yize’s nose. “You animal! I just don’t get it, what do all these women see in you?!”

Sheng Yize gave him a cold look and said nothing.

Qi Yanxi bellowed some more, then sighed defeatedly all of a sudden.

He had lost again.

Sheng Yize had defeated him once more.

The two looked out at the myriad lights of the city, each lost in his own thoughts.

One was distracted because of an ex-girlfriend that had returned, while the other was just elated at finding a girlfriend.

“What happened two years ago was an accident.” After quite some time, Sheng Yize spoke all of a sudden.

Qi Yanxi’s face darkened immediately at those words and there was hatred in his eyes now.

“Out! Out of my sight!”

“Keep hating me all you want.” Sheng Yize smiled, looking perfectly stoic.

Enraged by his indifference, Qi Yanxi punched Sheng Yize in the face. Sheng Yize frowned and punched back subconsciously. The two then grappled with each other.

The two tall figures wrestled all over the rooftop, neither willing to be the first to give in.

They kept fighting until footsteps shuffled toward them, accompanied by a girl’s shriek. “Ah! Snowy, stop chasing me! Help!”

“Meow~ meow~” A cat was apparently following her.

Sheng Yize and Qi Yanxi were taken by surprise. They scrambled to their feet at lightning speed and pretended nothing had happened.

The door to the rooftop was flung open with a loud bang and An Xiaxia made her way up, screaming. She quickly shut the door behind her and they could hear Snowy scratching on the other side, meowing at the same time.

“Ha… I finally got rid of him…” An Xiaxia patted her chest, still shaken. She then realized that Sheng Yize and Qi Yanxi were also up here!

She cried out in surprise, “Why are the two of you here?”

The two acted completely normal and said nothing.

“You weren’t fighting again, were you?” An Xiaxia asked, almost getting a headache.

“No!” they replied in unison.

An Xiaxia eyed them suspiciously. “Then what are you doing here?”

Sheng Yize said, “… To savor the view.”

Qi Yanxi answered, “… Check out the stars and study feng shui.”

An Xiaxia was speechless.

To stop her from asking more questions, Sheng Yize went up to her and gave her a kiss on the forehead. “Come on, I’ll get rid of Snowy for you and walk you down.”

As expected, An Xiaxia blushed, but refused his offer. “Wait a minute. I need to talk to Qi Yanxi!”