Chapter 241: 101 Ways To Be Lovey-Dovey (2)

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Sheng Yize frowned and one could detect the discontent coming off him.

Seeing how expectant the little woman looked, he pondered the request.

Fine, fine, he would be a generous boyfriend.

“You have one minute,” he said in a calm voice.

Wait, your generosity is only worth a minute of conversation?

An Xiaxia felt like crying at that reply.

“Qi Yanxi, I helped you and you’re going to thank me for it, right?” An Xiaxia looked at Qi Yanxi.

Qi Yanxi rolled his eyes. “As if watching the two of you get all lovey-dovey isn’t enough, I have to thank you now? Little Dummy Xia, you’re asking for a lot!”

“Hey! You!” An Xiaxia said grumpily. A cunning look then flickered in her eyes. “Haven’t you agreed that you’ll play in the basketball game? Sheng Yize, you’re playing as well, aren’t you?”

Sheng Yize raised an eyebrow and gave her an “of course” look.

He wasn’t going to lose out to Qi Yanxi in front of his girlfriend!

“Qi Yanxi, here’s what I want you to do: from the start of the training to the actual game, you’ll have to do as Sheng Yize tells you, no matter what!” Despite An Xiaxia’s adorable smile, Qi Yanxi shuddered at her request.

Shit! This little woman had gone rogue!

“Do you seriously think I’m going to agree to that? In your dreams.” There was no way that the second young master of the Qi family was going to humiliate himself and follow the orders of some petty girl!

“Your one minute is up.” Sheng Yize was going to drag An Xiaxia away, but she wouldn’t let him. “No, he hasn’t said yes yet. And he doesn’t look convinced…”

Sheng Yize smiled suddenly, which reminded her of the first ray of sunlight after the snow. “Don’t worry. I’ll beat him until he’s convinced! Now, be a good girl and go to bed.”

“Oh… Alright…” An Xiaxia nodded, then looked at Sheng Yize earnestly. “In that case, I’m taking you to the hospital for a thorough checkup. You’re only playing the game after the doctor clears you for it!”

Sheng Yize smiled again. “Whatever you say.”

The two then left, acting all affectionate and sweet, which only made Qi Yanxi all the more miserable on the rooftop.

Not only had he been threatened, he had to stand there and watch the two of them show off their love…

Damn it. Was there no place left in this world for single people?

He watched enviously as Sheng Yize shooed Snowy away and escorted An Xiaxia off the roof.

The guy was so lucky to have such a nice girl.

He had to be feeling so happy.

The next day.

The literature class.

It was taught by their class teacher Bai Ziyue. She was pretty good at her job and the students all followed her lecture attentively.

They were talking about ancient Chinese poems today, which was also the area An Xiaxia received most of Sheng Yize’s “torture” in…

Sheng Yize listened to the teacher quietly, but he could clearly sense the bitter look An Xiaxia shot at him.

“An Xiaxia, which poet is your favorite?” Seeing that An Xiaxia’s attention had wandered, Bai Ziyue asked her a question.

An Xiaxia came to herself at this, rose to her feet, and staggered. She had no idea how to answer.

She gave Sheng Yize an inconspicuous tug. Sheng Yize smiled a little and repeated the question for her.

An Xiaxia gave it some thought. “Chen Zi’ang, I think…”

Bai Ziyue was a little surprised. “That’s actually not a very popular choice. Only a handful of his poems survived until today and the most famous one is that piece mentioned in the TV drama ‘My Fair Princess,’ which goes, ‘No ancients before me, nor comers from behind. Reflecting on the infinite of heaven and earth, alone, in a sadness sublime, and tears come.’ An Xiaxia, can you tell us why you like him?”

An Xiaxia felt like crying. “Because his poems only have a few words and are easy to memorize. And he didn’t write poems whenever he was drunk…”

Pfft —

The classroom erupted with laughter.