Chapter 242: The Kiss That Tastes Like Sugar Coated Haws (1)

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Even Sheng Yize couldn’t help but smile a little.

Bai Ziyue didn’t know whether to cry or to laugh. She then gestured at An Xiaxia and let her sit down.

The rest of the class was still laughing.

“Write a poem whenever drunk… Come to think of it, that’s applicable to a lot of the poets. They wrote when they ate, when they drank, and when they broke up!”

“Sigh, I bet they never thought what they scribbled down hundreds of years ago would take us so much effort to memorize.”

“The same goes for those philosophers and famous people… They randomly said things and they became aphorisms…”

Listening to the discussion, An Xiaxia buried her head in her chest.

Sheng Yize teased her, “Xiaxia, which one shall we memorize tonight?”

An Xiaxia had had enough and pinched his waist under the desk, pouting. “You’re so annoying!”

Sheng Yize didn’t cry out in pain, but caught her hand and stuffed it into his pocket.

An Xiaxia was dazed and watched as he put his own hand into the pocket as well.

Hence, they held hands during this class on a winter morning.

An Xiaxia’s cheeks were scarlet red. She tried repeatedly to take her hand back, but Sheng Yize stopped her decisively each time.

Luckily, their seats were in a corner of the classroom in the second last row. With their thick winter clothes, their little interaction couldn’t be spotted unless one looked very closely.

However, Chi Yuanfeng and He Jiayu, who sat right behind them, saw the whole thing.

Chi Yuanfeng put his hand over his little heart and said painfully, “Brother Jiayu, don’t you think these two in front of us are tormenting us single people? Aaaah! Go to hell! Let me set them on fire!”

He Jiayu smiled mildly.

However, he appeared helpless whenever he glimpsed a paper bag in his desk.

It was a nourishment regimen that Su Xiaomo had given him which had all sorts of beans in it. She said he could make soup with them.

Who on earth would give a gift like that…

Sigh …

Despite his sigh, he was already smiling.

The weekend.

While Chi Yuanfeng and He Jiayu did promotional events, Sheng Yize stayed behind with the excuse that he was suffering from an indisposition, which sent fans whining all over Weibo.

Right now, the national idol of tens of thousands of teenage girls was having a row with his girlfriend over sugar coated haws.

“Why can’t we buy one? I’ll have it if you won’t!”

“It’s unhygienic, unsanitary, below edible standards, and bad for your health. Plus, aren’t you a little too old for stuff like that?”

“I don’t care! I want to eat it! Open the door!”

The middle-aged driver wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and was speechless over his young master’s attitude.

It all began with An Xiaxia accompanying Sheng Yize to the hospital for a health checkup. Halfway there, An Xiaxia saw a snack shop selling sugar coated haws and asked the driver to pull over. However, Sheng Yize thought it was unhygienic and wouldn’t let her buy it.

Sheng Yize scowled and wouldn’t open the door.

An Xiaxia puckered up her face and pointed at Sheng Yize with utmost accusation. “You don’t love me anymore, do you?”

“…” Sheng Yize was speechless. How on earth had she reached that conclusion?

“So you do love me?” Searching his face, An Xiaxia said, “Then open the door for me! I’ll share it with you~”

Seeing the cute act the girl put on, Sheng Yize shook his head in resignation and unlocked the door.

An Xiaxia hopped off in jubilation when Sheng Yize called after her, “Do you even have any money on you?”

The little figure turned back, guilty as charged.

Sheng Yize tossed her his wallet and An Xiaxia smiled broadly. “Mwa!” She then ran toward the shop.

Sheng Yize obviously took it literally and raised an eyebrow.

Mwa… Ok~