Chapter 244: I Don’t Need You Pointing Your Finger!

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An Xiaxia bolted to her feet as if she had just heard of an incoming formidable enemy. “Your father?? As in, your dad?? Aaah! I’m so nervous… Do I have to go see him…”

Sheng Yize looked at her mildly. “There, there. I’m here with you.”

There was something very calming about his voice. His slender fingers stroked her hair gently, which comforted An Xiaxia greatly. She pleaded with her eyes for a while but to no avail, and she finally nodded with a pout.

Sheng Yize led her into a ward, holding her hand.

Two guards in black stood outside the door and several stern-faced men were patrolling the corridor a short distance away.

An Xiaxia was a little flustered. Everything indicated that Sheng Yize’s father had to be some significant figure…

Pushing the door open, she saw a luxurious ward with interior decor that reminded her of a normal home. It even contained a regular living room.

Right now, a middle-aged man was sitting on the sofa. He was wrapped in a well-tailored suit and had prominent and handsome features. There was something charming about him that was particular to a mature man.

Hearing them come in, he put down the newspaper in his hand and gave them a little nod. “There you are.”

Sheng Yize didn’t reveal anything in his voice. “Yup. Why are you here today?”

Sheng Qingyi replied after a brief pause, “Just for a regular checkup.”

This hospital was part of the Sheng family’s business and most of their health checkups were carried out here.

Sheng Yize acknowledged with an “oh,” then tugged at An Xiaxia’s hand. “Xiaxia, come here and meet… my father.”

An Xiaxia’s cheeks flushed as she got all jittery. She bowed like a well-behaved little girl. “Nice to meet you, Uncle. I’m An Xiaxia.”

Sheng Qingyi’s eyes shifted to their clasped hands and mockery flickered unnoticed in them.

“Xiaxia, is it?” He smiled a little. Sheng Yize had his eyes and it wasn’t hard to picture Sheng Qingyi in his youth, when he must have swept many a girl off their feet.

After a brief conversation with An Xiaxia, Sheng Qingyi suddenly said, “Xiaxia, I need to talk to Yize in private. Do you mind waiting outside for a moment? I can ask the driver to take you to a nearby restaurant if you’re hungry.”

An Xiaxia shook her head immediately. “That won’t be necessary. Thank you, Uncle.”

She drew back her hand and gave Sheng Yize a nod.

Sheng Yize frowned and nodded back. “Don’t wander off. I’ll be with you soon.”


Sheng Qingyi chuckled after An Xiaxia left. “That was probably the first time you called me ‘father.’”

Sheng Yize kept his face expressionless. “Is this conversation going anywhere?”

Looking at this son that resembled him so closely, Sheng Qingyi felt anger rise in him.

“Yize, have I indulged you too much all these years? You wanted to go into showbiz? I let you. You wanted to enroll in Qixia and abandon the elite school abroad? I let you again. Now what? You just found some girl on the side of the road and you call her your girlfriend. Do you have any idea what you’re doing?!”

Not a single muscle moved on Sheng Yize’s face. “Are you done?”

“Damn you!” Sheng Qingyi grabbed an ashtray off the table and hurled it at his son. Sheng Yize shifted his head a little to one side and avoided it.

“Don’t you realize how different that girl is from you? How is she any good for you? Do you think you two can have a future? Have you forgotten everything I taught you, losing your head over a pretty face like this?!” He was infuriated at Sheng Yize’s unmoved face.

There was a brief moment of silence before Sheng Yize’s lips slowly stretched into a smirk.

“Since when do you make the decisions for me? I’m still young and might need your direction every now and then, but I most definitely don’t need you pointing your finger!”