Chapter 245: Where Are The Rest Of The Bad Guys? (1)

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Sheng Qingyi said in a harsh voice, “Do you even have any respect for your father? I’m telling you: break up with that girl now, or I’ll…”

“Or you’ll what?” Sheng Yize’s voice was bone-chillingly cold. “I’m no longer that kid ten years ago. I have my own life now, I make my own choices, and I have a girl I like. Whichever path I choose to follow, it’s my decision and I’ll live with whatever consequences that follow! Are you going to shut me away again and drive me crazy? Or are you going to make me live like a walking corpse?”

Sheng Qingyi pointed at him and his finger couldn’t help but start to tremble.

A lot of times, he had to admit that he was a terrible father.

He couldn’t give his son a family, nor could he give him enough love. He even failed at his education.

Once, he thought he could control Sheng Yize with his authority as a father figure, but he suddenly realized that the teenager had flown out of his reach.

The look on Sheng Yize’s face couldn’t be more nonchalant. “I only introduced you to her out of respect, but if you don’t like her, I don’t see any reason to see you again.”

There were some things that he simply couldn’t bear to have An Xiaxia go through.

He didn’t care what others thought about them at all, nor did he wish for her to.

With that, he left without another word, leaving Sheng Qingyi to lean back against the sofa, crestfallen. He seemed ten years older in an instant.

Had he been the one that was mistaken all these years?

Did he make his only son hate him so…

It was a great sunny day today and An Xiaxia was basking in the sun on a bench in the square not far from the hospital. It was so comfortable that she squinted her eyes in satisfaction.

Two people, who seemed like a couple, stole a glance at her and exchanged a look. The woman then approached An Xiaxia.

She was apparently pregnant and sat down right next to An Xiaxia.

An Xiaxia thought she might need a little more space and moved to the side to give her more room.

The woman then bumped into An Xiaxia, who frowned and thought she might as well wait back in the hospital.

However, she was only a few steps away when the woman cried out in surprise behind her. “Hey, where’s my phone?”

The stalwart man from earlier went up to her and asked in a fierce manner, “What happened? Was it stolen?”

“She was sitting right next to me!” yelled the woman, and the man grabbed An Xiaxia right away. “Did you steal my wife’s phone?”

“I… I didn’t…” An Xiaxia was caught by surprise. The man snorted. “It must be you! My wife’s phone is new, an iPhone Xs! Give it back now!”

A granny nearby chimed in, “That’s right. Give it back already! What kind of shameless girl are you, stealing a pregnant woman’s phone!”

There were more idle onlookers than one would expect, who all chimed in one after another. An Xiaxia only had one mouth and couldn’t talk to all of them all at once. She was completely overwhelmed.

The pregnant woman then darted a look at the man, who took the hint. “If you don’t give it back now, we’ll call the police!”

Just then, two people dressed in police uniform arrived. After asking briefly about what happened, they grabbed An Xiaxia. “You’re going back with us!”

An Xiaxia thought she was going to lose her mind. She tried her best to explain, but someone in the crowd seemed to direct opinion against her and everyone was urging the police officers to take her away.

She glanced at the car parked a short distance away and saw that it wasn’t a police car!

A terrifying idea flashed through her mind —

Gosh, she couldn’t have run into human traffickers, could she?