Chapter 246: Where Are The Rest Of The Bad Guys? (2)

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She struggled with all her might as she shouted, “They’re not police officers! They’re human traffickers! I’m a student at Qixia High School and I’m not a thief! Help… help.. mhm…”

Hearing her plead, someone in the crowd began to question, “Could she be telling the truth…”

“She’s lying!” the granny from earlier said resolutely. “She’s a thief! Just leave it to the police!”

An Xiaxia was going nuts. She was told old people were getting worse; why did she feel that it was because the bad people had grown older?!

This was outrageous!

Could it be… that all these people were working together as a group?

That only made An Xiaxia even more frightened.

If that was really the case, it was a premeditated kidnapping…

She peeked at her phone in her pocket and secretly dialed Sheng Yize’s number before resuming her struggles.

The hand covering her mouth had a foul smell of low-quality cigarettes which suffocated her and stopped her from talking.

Her only hope… was Sheng Yize.

Sheng Yize, sob , why aren’t you here yet to save me?

The two men in police uniforms dragged An Xiaxia to the vehicle and someone in the crowd finally realized something wasn’t right. “Hey, that’s not a police car, is it?!”

“Oh… We’re plain clothes and of course we’re not driving around in a patrol car… hoho,” one of the uniformed men explained.

“Bah! Why are you in a uniform if you’re plain clothes? You’re not human traffickers, are you? I read somewhere online about this new scam lately!” one of the young men yelled.

That raised everyone’s suspicions and the others began to question them. Seeing that things were turning against them, the two men tried to force An Xiaxia into the car.

An Xiaxia struggled with her short legs and kicked one of the men in the groin. He cried out in pain and shoved An Xiaxia away.

An Xiaxia fell to the ground hard. However, there was no time to cry over the pain and she bolted to her feet.

In a flurry, she didn’t know where she was going and bumped into someone. She was going to apologize when she smelled the faint scent of lemon.

Sheng Yize!

Looking up, it was indeed him. Sheng Yize had the biggest frown on his face as he pressed her against his chest and smirked at the two men coming up to him. “Officers, are you supposed to enforce the law in such a violent manner?”

“You brat! Who are you to tell us what to do?! Give us that thief, or we’ll arrest you for obstruction of justice!”

“A thief…?” Sheng Yize articulated those words in a deep voice and narrowed his eyes. “If you think she’s a thief, how about we give back your stuff?”

The two men were dumbfounded by his reaction and so was the couple.

Someone in the crowd then recognized Sheng Yize and shrieked, “Oh my god! That’s Sheng Yize! That Sheng Yize of Starry Night!”

The crowd erupted right away, at which Sheng Yize frowned and made a gesture to silence them.

That seemed to put a spell on the frenzied fangirls and they stood motionless on the spot with infatuated smiles on their faces.

Seeing this, the two men tried to sneak away in their vehicle. A siren then approached and a bunch of police officers filed out of a patrol car to pin the two men down and cuff them.

Sheng Yize stroked An Xiaxia’s hair gently, but his voice was very cold. “Where are the rest of the bad guys?”

An Xiaxia sniveled and shook her head. She then said with grievance, “Sheng Yize, come more quickly next time!”

Sheng Yize’s heart skipped a beat and his face softened as he promised in a low voice, “I won’t let this happen again.”