Chapter 247: He Really Is My Boyfriend! (1)

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An Xiaxia felt a warm current rush through her and a lump formed in her throat.

She had been REALLY scared back there.

However, as soon as he showed up, he was a buttress that she could depend on without any doubt.

The pregnant couple and the granny were also arrested and stuffed into the police car. An officer explained to them, “They’re human traffickers working as a group and have pulled off quite a few incidents in other cities. Thanks to this smart young lady stalling them, we were able to take them down.”

An Xiaxia hid behind Sheng Yize and looked at the police officer timidly.

The officer cleared his throat. “Well… You’ll have to come back with us to give a statement…”

An Xiaxia shook her head, since she had an instinctive fear of police officers at the moment…

Sheng Yize said, “Please leave us here. I’ll have someone follow up on this.”

The officer looked at him and didn’t think the teenager was lying, so he nodded and left.

Sheng Yize quickly led An Xiaxia back to the hospital, leaving the group of bodyguards behind to stop the fans.

All of the videos and photos taken were deleted and the incident was quelled just like that.

The hospital.

An Xiaxia insisted that she was fine. However, Sheng Yize was still concerned and had her undergo a thorough checkup.

Everything was fine and she was only in shock. All she needed was a little rest.

On their way home, Sheng Yize even asked the driver to buy her some sugar coated haws to make her happy.

And it was a double serve!

An Xiaxia held the two sticks of haws and smiled sweetly like a little fool, which lifted Sheng Yize’s mood greatly.

He pinched her soft cheeks and sighed, “What a little dummy…”

His carefree little dummy.

An Xiaxia took a bite of the sugar coated haws and smiled sweetly. However, the thought of the kidnapping made her frown all over again.

“Sheng Yize, I want to ask you something.”


“Do I look that… gullible… Why does everyone try to kidnap me…” An Xiaxia asked in frustration. She had had a similar experience when she was little. An Yibei took her to a supermarket and she had wandered off in the crowd. It was said that An Yibei almost lost his mind searching for her. In the end, he found her holding hands with a kinky old man, who had been smiling nastily at her…

The thought of that!

Sheng Yize’s mouth twitched and he replied honestly, “You do…”

An Xiaxia almost cried.

Back at home, An Xiaxia didn’t want the others to worry and withheld the incident from her family.

However, An Yibei’s sharp eyes caught the bruises on An Xiaxia’s arms when she rolled up her sleeves to eat her meat.

An Yibei exploded at the injuries and pointed at Sheng Yize. “What’s this? Steal my sister away and you don’t even care about her! I’m telling you, this isn’t happening! You’ll answer for everything that happens to her! You brat! How dare you let her get hurt…” Brandishing a ladle, he was going to smash it on Sheng Yize’s face. An Xiaxia was scared out of her wits and stopped him right away. “Be civil! No violence!”

Seeing that she was taking Sheng Yize’s side, An Yibei was even more infuriated. “Why, you’re together for a day and you’re already on his side? An Xiaxia, who washed the sheets you wet when you were little? Who bought you your new clothes? Who stashed all those snacks in your closet? And you’re taking his side now?!”

An Xiaxia cringed and sat back, holding her head in her hands. She then looked at Sheng Yize in vexation.

Sheng Yize didn’t flinch and only blinked. “How about I offer my body to Xiaxia, as a token of my responsibility for her?”

Pfft —

An Yibei almost flipped the table over. “You’re not getting away with this!”