Chapter 248: He Really Is My Boyfriend! (2)

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They finished dinner in a boisterous manner.

The older brother and Sheng Yize tried to outwit each other, one with his vicious tongue while the other kept his composure. Their heated verbal exchange filled the air and it was almost like watching a TV drama.

An Xiaxia couldn’t help but burst out in laughter.

Because of the kidnapping incident, Sheng Yize had never been as worried about An Xiaxia as he was now.

Apart from making the public appearances that were absolutely necessary, he spent the rest of his waking moments with An Xiaxia, fearing that something else might happen to her.

He even brought her to his basketball training.

The basketball court.

The indoor gymnasium had central heating and Sheng Yize was down to his sweatshirt and track pants. He had trimmed his hair and looked exactly like what a handsome athlete should be. An Xiaxia drooled over this new look of his.

Su Xiaomo waved her hand in front of An Xiaxia’s eyes in distaste. “Hey, come back to earth! Stop giggling! He’s not your boyfriend no matter how much you giggle!”

An Xiaxia grumbled, “But he is!”

Su Xiaomo rolled her pretty eyes at her. “Xiaxia, wake up. It’s Sheng Yize we’re talking about here; how can he be your boyfriend? Don’t you like Rong Che? How come you’ve switched to Sheng Yize’s side?”

An Xiaxia was going to have a stroke. “He really is my boyfriend!”

“Not buying it.”

“It’s true!”


The two continued bickering. Given Su Xiaomo’s domineering personality, An Xiaxia the weakling couldn’t convince her no matter how hard she tried. She could only look up at the sky and cry inwardly.

She was telling the truth! Sheng Yize was really her boyfriend!

Behind her, Li Fanxing and Li Canxing each had a bottle of water in their hands and were squabbling. The looks on their faces changed when they overheard the conversation between An Xiaxia and Su Xiaomo.

“Heh… What a fanciful illusion…” said Li Canxing coldly.

Li Fanxing, on the other hand, tightened her grip on the energy drink bottle in her hand. She had seen Sheng Yize kiss An Xiaxia while they were filming the drama…

Could it be that the two of them really were together?

But An Xiaxia had been with Qi Yanxi the other day in the piano room…

“I never thought that under that innocent face, she would be such a bitch.” Despite the smile on her face, Li Fanxing’s eyes burned with hatred. During the break, she picked up a bottle of water and went up to Sheng Yize without hesitation. “Yize, you need hydration…”

Her soft voice was like a paw that tickled and the rest of the basketball team felt their knees give out at the sound.

Sheng Yize acted as if she wasn’t there. He walked right past her, stopped in front of An Xiaxia, and snatched the bottle out of her hand. After taking a few gulps, he said scornfully, “An Xiaxia, you can’t even guard my clothes properly. And you even stole my water.”

An Xiaxia blushed. “That’s my water! You’ve got the wrong bottle!”

Sheng Yize was taken by surprise and pinched her cheek with a familiar air. He smiled happily. “So that makes it an indirect kiss, then? Not bad at all…”

An Xiaxia’s face turned scarlet at the flirting and she covered her cheeks.

Beside her, Su Xiaomo said in a shaky voice, “Xiaxia, come here… I need your help gluing my jaw back on…”

Everyone else around them was equally shocked!

WTF! Were An Xiaxia and Sheng Yize a couple now?