Chapter 249: Speak Your Mind

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Su Xiaomo wasn’t the only one who was shocked; the entire basketball court fell silent as everyone watched the two with open mouths.

The remarkably handsome teenager and the adorable teenage girl made the most harmonious picture together. However, the shock it gave everyone took a while for them to digest!

Their national idol who was colder than an iceberg and had a poker face on all the time had actually just smiled at An Xiaxia? And the smile was so gentle! So doting!

For a moment, they could almost hear the sound of hearts falling to pieces all over the ground.

A hundred colors flashed across Li Fanxing’s face and her expression eventually turned into one of reluctance.

However… since Sheng Yize had a girlfriend now, it meant she could work on Qi Yanxi!

Once she got over that, the smile was back on her face as she took the water to Qi Yanxi. “Yanxi, have some water.”

Qi Yanxi was drying his sweat with a white towel. The slightly wet hair added an unruliness to his already untamed look. He smirked at her. “You can’t have Sheng Yize now, so you’re back to me, your backup plan?”

Li Fanxing froze on the spot as if she had been electrocuted.

How had this happen… It was only two years ago that he would have done everything for her.

He had loved her so much. Why was he giving her this attitude now?

She never understood that people could change. Qi Yanxi loved her once and had belittled himself so much so that she could be capricious and order him around. However, that had only been possible under one condition: that Qi Yanxi was in love with her.

There was no place in his heart for her now. Those who were closely involved couldn’t see as clearly as those on the outside. Now that he had met Li Fanxing again, he was able to see through her, which was something he had been incapable of doing back then.

The more clearly he saw what she was like, the more ridiculous he felt.

How could he have fallen for such a hypocritical and scheming girl?

He shifted his gaze to someone a short distance away — that one person that could always make his heart skip a beat.

Her sweet and shy smile, her clumsy moves, and her involuntary pout when she got stubborn. There was no other thought left in his head apart from wanting to kiss her.

“Hey, Momo, say something.” An Xiaxia waved her hand in front of Su Xiaomo’s face.

Su Xiaomo gave her a helpless look and lowered her voice. “He really is your boyfriend, then?”

“Yes.” An Xiaxia nodded sincerely.

Su Xiaomo looked like her world had just shattered. Her mouth fell open and she looked utterly frightened.

Sheng Yize smiled a little and went back to his training.

Unheeding as she always was, An Xiaxia didn’t realize the significance of the incident until they were on their way back home after school. It suddenly dawned on her then that by being so affectionate toward her, wasn’t Sheng Yize making their relationship public?

She grabbed him by his sleeve. “Sheng Yize, is the entire school going to know we’re together tomorrow? Your fans are going to kill me! Aaah… Do you really like me or are you setting me up? I’m taking a sick leave of absence! I’m not going to school!”

Sheng Yize rubbed her hair. “Don’t worry, I got this.”

He never rushed into something without considering the consequences first. There was a plan behind every action he took.

“Xiaxia, is my status troublesome for you?” Sheng Yize asked in a husky voice.

A romantic old song was playing in the car. However, An Xiaxia kept tugging at the lower hem of her clothes, despite the enchanting atmosphere.

She wanted to say yes, but feared that it might hurt Sheng Yize.

” Sigh …” After a long while, he was the one who broke the silence first. “Little fool, you can tell me what’s troubling you. Xiaxia, just bear with me for a little while longer… After I confirm this one thing, I can quit this showbiz world for you.”