Chapter 25: A Dog Bit Me And That Was It

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As his footsteps gradually faded away, An Xiaxia’s heart was filled half with the pain of missing her idol and half with hatred toward the devil before her eyes.

Excuse me? That was her first kiss!

An Xiaxia used all her strength to push Sheng Yize off her and frantically rubbed her lips. She was both embarrassed and mad as she roared, “Sheng Yize! How could you do that!”

Sheng Yize narrowed his eyes to suppress his feelings. He then turned around to make sure that Rong Che had left.

Seeing that he was ignoring her, An Xiaxia became even more angry and raised her palm against Sheng Yize!

Piak —

Her slap was intercepted halfway when Sheng Yize grasped her tiny wrist.

“So angry? That couldn’t possibly be your first kiss, could it?” Sheng Yize asked as he raised an eyebrow.

That hit An Xiaxia right in her sore spot. The color pink quickly suffused her cheeks and without thinking, she kicked Sheng Yize.

Surprisingly, he didn’t dodge and let her kick him to vent her anger.

“Hey! Aren’t you going to apologize to me?!” An Xiaxia was so mad that she felt like she was about to explode.

A teasing smile crept onto Sheng Yize’s face. “Well… I’m sorry. Now what?”

An Xiaxia swore she was going to have a stroke.

Why did this person who was so aloof and detached on TV become this vulgar scoundrel around her?!

“See you! No, let’s not meet again! I never want to see you again in my entire life!” An Xiaxia used all her strength to take her hand back, but had pulled too hard that she ended up staggering backward and hitting the wall behind her.

She cried out in pain and rubbed the back of her head as she shouted, “It’s all your fault!”

Sheng Yize was baffled. You clearly hit your head on your own, alright?

Looking at the bristling little woman, he cleared his throat and changed the topic. “So, you like Rong Che?”

“Of course, I’m his loyal fan! Hmph, my Rong Che oppa 1 is much more handsome than you. His music is so amazing that his new CD was completely sold out before I had a chance to buy it…” At the mention of her idol, An Xiaxia instantly became a chatterbox and made sure to demean Sheng Yize when she praised Rong Che.

Sheng Yize didn’t seem to mind. He only glanced at her interestedly before making a call. He then led An Xiaxia downstairs.

In the elevator, An Xiaxia stood a distance away from him and mumbled quietly, “I don’t want to stand next to a pervert…”

Sheng Yize was speechless. “Hey, I heard that.”

An Xiaxia widened her eyes and covered her mouth.

Come to think of it, she still felt that it was all Sheng Yize’s fault. She straightened her posture right away and said, “Bah, a dog bit me, that’s all. I’m saving all my future kisses for my Rong Che oppa!”

“Tch, you indeed have the heart of a malicious woman. Don’t flatter yourself. How not picky would Rong Che have to be to actually notice you?” Sheng Yize retorted in a bad mood.

She couldn’t finish a sentence without mentioning Rong Che. Did she even know what kind of person her idol really was?

Offended, An Xiaxia looked away and decided not to speak to him anymore!

After they got off the elevator, a man with yellow curly hair walked up to Sheng Yize and said with a smile, “Here’s the thing you wanted. Have you made peace with Rong Che or something? I never thought you’d be interested in his CD…”

Sheng Yize took it and calmly replied, “I’m just using it to appease a bristling cat.”

He waved the CD in front of An Xiaxia. “Do you want it or not?”

An Xiaxia looked closely and realized that it was Rong Che’s limited edition CD, which even had his autograph!

She reached out to grab it, but Sheng Yize raised it up in the air. One was trying to take it, while the other kept dodging. The scene looked unbelievably harmonious.

“Mhm… Give it to me!”