Chapter 250: Goofy Sheng and Goofier Qi (1)

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An Xiaxia looked up in astonishment. “Wh- what?”

“This idol thing means very little to me,” said Sheng Yize calmly. That thing he was investigating would come back with results soon.

Whether or not An Xiaxia was the person he was looking for would soon be confirmed.

“But, are you sure about that?” An Xiaxia looked quite troubled.

Of course she wanted to be his girlfriend without all the fuss. But… but how could she ask Sheng Yize to leave showbiz for her?

He had been the one offering all this time and she had only accepted passively.

She wasn’t worthy of all his kindness, nor did she feel it was right to take everything for granted. She would feel she owed him somehow.

An Xiaxia said awkwardly, “Sheng Yize, if you’re so nice to me all the time… I’ll…”

I’ll think this is all real.

Sheng Yize smiled wholeheartedly. “Isn’t that what I’m supposed to do? Be nice to my girlfriend?”

An Xiaxia flushed again at those words.

She looked at him shyly and suddenly realized that Sheng Yize seemed to smile much more now that they were together.

It was Friday and time for another basketball game.

The news went around that both main players — Sheng Yize and Qi Yanxi — were going to play and that Chi Yuanfeng and He Jiayu of Starry Night were going to be there to watch the game. The entire Qixia exploded!

The quick-witted Su Xiaomo pushed Xiao Yan to use his position as the president of the student council to print tickets, and they sold out in less than an hour, completely beyond Xiao Yan’s expectations.

Su Xiaomo counted the money in a swaggering manner and An Xiaxia could almost see the money signs fly out of her eyes. “Momo, you’re awesome… You’re so good at making money!”

Su Xiaomo chuckled and rubbed her hair. “Good girl. I’ll buy you some candy later. There, smile for your boss.”

“No problem!”

The two chattered boisterously.

Xiao Yan watched as An Xiaxia smiled sweetly and a painful look flickered in his eyes. He then found an excuse to walk away.

A hubbub of voices filled the basketball court and everyone was bustling and hustling around.

The two teams walked onto the court to a wave of applause.

An Xiaxia was among the cheerleaders, waving the pompoms with all her might.

In the middle of the court, a tall and handsome teenager seemed to sense it and turned in her direction. Seeing how adorable An Xiaxia looked, he couldn’t help but smile.

The smile was like a bomb dropped in the crowd, setting all the girls on fire!

“Sheng Yize, fighting! Go! Go! Go!”

“Captain Yize, mwaaa! Captain Yize, you’re the best!”

“I’m gonna cry! Anyone took a photo of that?! Send it to me!”

The faces of the players of Yeyang High turned green, for they realized that it wasn’t just the students of Qixia that were cheering, but even their own cheerleaders were shrieking with the others…

The whistle blew and the game began!

No team that had made it this far would be weak. However, Yeyang soon realized that they were getting crushed!

The teenager with short brown hair was so arrogant and unbridled that he simply sprinted toward them, bouncing the ball before jumping into the air and finishing the assault with a slam dunk! It was so unbelievably brisk!

Yeyang’s captain shouted, “Fall back! Don’t let them get the rebound!”

Before he could finish his sentence, another player arrived with lightning speed, calmly grabbed the ball in mid-air and casually tossed it to Ling Jiye, who was waiting at the three-point line!

Ling Jiye jumped, threw out the ball, and it was a three-pointer!

The cheers grew louder and the cheerleaders were enraptured.

An Xiaxia waved her pompoms happily. Everyone else thought Ling Jiye was awesome, but she knew that Sheng Yize was the best, for he could see the big picture and coordinate with the whole team!


However, what happened next confused her…