Chapter 252: Shut Up And Hold Your Tongue! (1)

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After being crushed by Qixia and utterly routed, Yeyang High lost their will to fight and gave up on the game.

Hence, the second half became Qi Yanxi and Sheng Yize’s showground, as they now saw each other as the opponent and fought with claws and teeth.

Su Xiaomo sighed. “Why do they look like they’re on steroids? Xiaxia, what did you say back there?”

An Xiaxia gave her an innocent look. “I didn’t say anything. Qi Yanxi took my water and drank half of it. Sheng Yize then drank from the same bottle, so I asked if they were having a fling…”

“And then?” Su Xiaomo asked excitedly.

“Then… Then they made a bet, saying that the loser is the sucker… And then, they became like this,” An Xiaxia said hopelessly.

“Hahaha!” Su Xiaomo guffawed. “So that’s why. Tsk, tsk, males and their testosterone! Good job, Little Xiaxia. You’re already showing great potential as Helen of Troy!”

An Xiaxia said in frustration, “Am I supposed to say thank you?”

She didn’t feel like it at all…

The game ended and naturally, Qixia was the winner. Yeyang High’s team couldn’t be any more downcast. Not only had they lost all will to fight, their own schoolmates were cheering for Qixia as well.

“Aww! The players of Qixia are so handsome! This trip was so worth it!”

“Exactly! Captain Yize is fabulous! That brown-haired cutie is pretty sweet as well!”

“Lord Jiayu and Angel Fengfeng sitting over there are just as awesome!”

The girls couldn’t pour enough love out from their hearts, which only embarrassed the Yeyang players further.

Why on earth were they here… just to be cannon fodder? Hm… It was almost as if they’d asked for it!

After the result of the game was announced, the referee also calculated the accumulated points of both teams for this tournament.

It wasn’t pretty for Yeyang High.

The rule was that each city could only have one team enter the finals and Chenjiang was the one with the most points. Because Qixia had lost games at the beginning.

Nor had Shengyin gotten into the finals.

The basketball court erupted.

Yeyang’s team felt all the more frustrated.

Had they lost to Chenjiang, it would have been a different story. They could then comfort themselves by saying that they were second only to the seeded team and the champion of Yu City!

But they had lost to Qixia!

With so much testosterone on the court and everyone on edge, the flames of war were immediately ignited.

“F**k! What’s the pointing winning against us? Why aren’t you in the finals?!”

“Hypocrites. What’s the point of even celebrating? You’re as much cannon fodder as we are.”

“What a bunch of good-for-nothings.”


While the players of Yeyang began to stir things up, those of Qixia certainly wouldn’t just stand around and take the insults. Ling Jiye stepped out with a few guys and the two sides began to argue.

As the argument grew more heated, the players on both sides began to shove one another. A gang fight was on the verge of breaking out. A 190-cm boy of Yeyang bellowed, “Bring it on! Why waste spit when we have fists! We’ll fight till we drop!”

“As you wish! Damn it!”

“That’s enough! Do you want to be punished with disciplinary action?” The captain of Yeyang’s team then came to his senses and stopped his people.

Ling Yiye fought back his anger and said, “So, how’s it going to be? You want a fight? There are three thousand Qixia people here willing to do that!”

A round of applause rang out in the audience. Apparently, more than enough onlookers were ready for some action.

An Xiaxia was shocked and so was Su Xiaomo, who said, “Wow, Ling Jiye has always been a genteel guy. I never thought he’d be this tough when the timing’s right.”

Qi Yanxi looked this way and that and his gaze landed on An Xiaxia. He suddenly chuckled. “So you want another game. How about we play it in a civil manner…”