Chapter 253: Shut Up And Hold Your Tongue! (2)

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“How?” The captain of Yeyang was persuaded.

He knew they couldn’t avoid this fight today, or the people of Yeyang would never let it go. Handle this badly and he might lose his authority in the basketball team.

“Let’s take it to an online game, then. Everybody here knows how to play that, right?” Qi Yanxi said, raising an eyebrow.

He had gotten the idea from An Xiaxia. This way, they could vent their anger in the game and no one would get hurt in real life.

Two of the players of Yeyang looked elated at the suggestion and whispered, “Captain, take the offer. We’ve got two really good players here!”

The captain nodded and looked back at Qi Yanxi. “Fine, let’s have it.”

Hoho, two of their substitutes had been in e-sports tournaments before and had excellent skills. They would be more than enough to handle these Qixia amateurs!

“Qi Yanxi! What do you think you’re doing?!” There came a female voice, which frustrated Qi Yanxi. He watched silently as his class teacher walked onto the basketball court.

Bai Ziyue arrived, looking vexed, and was accompanied by Tang Yijun, who was perfectly at ease.

She was here to watch the game, but had only arrived to find the two teams quarreling and to hear Qi Yanxi’s mention of “battling it out”…

Gosh! Why wouldn’t these kids let her have one day of peace!

“Miss, we’re not doing anything out of line. We’re only going to have another competition in an online game to shut them up,” said Qi Yanxi lazily.

Bai Ziyue hadn’t seen that coming. “Huh?”

The team of Yeyang prompted discontentedly, “Are we playing or not? You’re not afraid, are you? Tsk, you piece of shit~”

Bai Ziyue snapped her head around and shouted grumpily, “Watch your mouth!”

She was known for shielding the faults of her own. Although she wouldn’t let Qi Yanxi stir up any trouble, she would never let others insult her own students!

“Calm down,” Tang Yijun chuckled and comforted her in a low voice.

Bai Ziyue was genuinely angry. She stood between Qi Yanxi and the other team and said loudly, “Let’s have it, then! Now!”

Qi Yanxi was astonished.

Qixia’s basketball team eyed Bai Ziyue with reverence.

Even Sheng Yize looked surprised.

The players of Yeyang were no longer as confident. Wait a minute, why… why did they have a bad feeling about this?

Banyan Cyber Bar.

The administrator was playing a game while humming a tune. School had yet to let out at this hour and he didn’t have many customers at the moment.

Surprisingly, a large group of students filed in all of a sudden, led by a woman in her 20s. She was pretty, wore her hair in a ponytail, and had a teacher’s tag hanging around her neck.

The administrator thought frustratedly that some class teacher was here to catch truants.

Qi Yanxi came up to him. “Hey, we’ll take ten computers!”

The administrator put on the most serious face he could manage. “Minors are not permitted to use the computers here.”

Qi Yanxi grew impatient. An Xiaxia, who had been brought in as a helping hand at the last minute, was still struggling in his grip. It was a while before Sheng Yize rescued her.

Bai Ziyue stepped out and smacked her ID card on the counter. “Use mine!”

The administrator was dumbfounded. After much hesitation, he set up the computers with shaky hands and gave them the account cards.

The students of Yeyang still hadn’t recovered from their shock when all the players sat down at their computers.

They were playing a game led by a class teacher. That was a first!

“Wind and Cloud, 5v5 battle in the PVP arena. Any objections?” Bai Ziyue asked in her commanding tone.

The students of Yeyang shook their heads repeatedly. Like they actually dared say anything else!

“Good.” Bai Ziyue nodded and looked around at her own team. “Who knows how to play here?”