Chapter 254: Shut Up And Hold Your Tongue! (3)

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An Xiaxia raised her hand gingerly, “I can play assassin and healer.”

Qi Yanxi chimed in happily. “I can play swordsman. I have awesome equipment!”

The others smiled wryly. The game “Wind and Cloud” was quite popular, but not many people were very good at it. Given the current situation, they were all reluctant to stand out in the crowd.

Tang Yijun, who had kept silent until now, said with a smile. “I can be your tank.”

Bai Ziyue blushed at this and gritted her teeth. “That’s it, then. An Xiaxia is the assassin, Qi Yanxi the swordsman, Mr. Tang… the main tank, and I’m the healer… We’re still one person short. Any volunteers?”

Sheng Yize raised his hand, which was a pleasant surprise to Bai Ziyue. “Sheng Yize, can you play, too?”

“Nope,” replied Sheng Yize calmly. “But she can teach me.” He pointed at An Xiaxia.

An Xiaxia was flustered. “Al, alright…”

Bai Ziyue pondered for a moment and thought that since they didn’t have any other options, she might as well let Sheng Yize have a go.

The students of Yeyang started taunting and teasing again. “Miss, are you alright over there? You can’t even find five people. How about you just admit yourselves beaten?”

Even An Xiaxia wanted to punch them because of their arrogant tones.

They were so annoying!

While the rest of them tried hard not to lose their tempers, Tang Yijun chuckled. “Boys, do I need to lecture you about respect and manners? Are you saying this because you lost the basketball game?”

The students of Yeyang grew quiet right away at the mention of the game.

However, Tang Yijun didn’t finish there and followed up with a last hit. “If you are, then shut up and hold your tongue!”

His tone suddenly turned stern and all the students shuddered involuntarily.

Those of Yeyang all felt like crying; not only had they been humiliated again, they had also just been told off by a teacher…

Over on the side, An Xiaxia wasted no time in teaching Sheng Yize how to control his avatar.

She had logged into a music master account, which was Wind and Cloud’s equivalent of a mage. Its attacks had high damage points, but the character was low in HP and defense.

“This is to walk, this is to jump, and this is to crouch down… These two skills have the shortest cooldown periods and you can combine them. This is your ultimate skill and it causes extreme damage, but watch out for your MP…” An Xiaxia instructed in a serious tone. She was very close to Sheng Yize, so close that he could smell the fragrance of her hair.

The look in his eyes was so gentle that one could squeeze water out of it.

This little fool was no good in her studies, but she was indeed a good gamer.

He couldn’t help but chuckle, which only worried An Xiaxia more. She then gave his forehead a knock. “Hey! Pay attention! I’ll have to cover you if you get attacked later!”

The assassin didn’t have much HP, either! The two of them could end up a dead couple in the game!

Sheng Yize narrowed his eyes and looked at her calmly.

An Xiaxia came back to herself and put her hand down right away.

Hm… Had she just… hit Sheng Yize?

Awww, you wicked paw! Who gave you permission to do that?!

Overwhelmed by her guilty conscience, she kept forcing herself to smile at Sheng Yize, but it looked worse than a crying face.

Sheng Yize watched in distaste and lowered his voice. “We’ll talk about this after we go back.”

An Xiaxia felt like crying. That was it. He was going to have her memorize ancient poems or texts again!

“Let’s begin,” said Sheng Yize mildly. However, there was something stately about his voice that made everyone follow his order.

When they realized this, everyone felt chills creep up their spines.

This teenager’s aura was so terrifying!