Chapter 255: Shut Up And Hold Your Tongue! (4)

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When the drums rang out in the game, the fight was launched at a touch.

Yeyang was swollen with arrogance for a reason. The league players immediately gave out instructions and their team pushed forward methodically, gradually surrounding the Qixia avatars.

An Xiaxia switched into stealth mode right away, hiding in the darkness with a dagger in her hand.

Qi Yanxi moved into position to cover her. The two of them then worked with each other and soon stunned a Yeyang avatar.

Mr. Tang and Miss Bai were also frighteningly fast. As Tang Yijun rushed out carrying an axe, Bai Ziyue used a curse skill on the opponent. Without any instructions, Sheng Yize also threw two skills at the guy.

Flop —

Cannon Fodder No. 1 collapsed on the ground.

“Stay calm and keep your positions! Kill the healer first!” the leader of Yeyang shouted. However, he cried out right away, “Shit! Their music master is unbelievable!”

His own avatar had a string of debuffs on it, all due to the music master.

Thanks to his good APM, he was able to run a few steps away. However, that didn’t save him from the concentrated fire that followed.

Looking at his gray screen, the guy felt like crying.

He had made it into the city-wide league! How was it possible that a music master could take him out?!

And it was a newbie music master, for that matter! The guy hadn’t played more than five minutes of the game!


Was that the difference between a genius and an ordinary person?

Wiping away his imaginary tears, he pinned his hopes on his three remaining teammates.

As it turned out… It wouldn’t have hurt to abandon his hopes there and then…

Sheng Yize typed a few words with his slender fingers, revealing the coordinates of the three Yeyang players to his own team. They then drove the three together as if they were herding ducks and cornered them. While the other four threw out their containment skills in turn, Sheng Yize stayed in the distance and activated his ultimate skill.

Years later, the Yeyang players would be asked how they felt that day.

The five of them would reply with a question: Have you ever experienced despair?

That was exactly what they felt — despair.

Looking at the splendid special effects of falling meteorites, icicle showers, and the blood-red figures that popped out of the heads of their avatars, the three put up a last-ditch struggle, but no miracle happened and they were all reduced to zero.

The Yeyang team stared at their screens and refused to believe this cruel reality.

“You’ve lost,” said a voice as clear as a mountain creek.

” Sob … We lost again…”

“Leave me alone. I need a moment.”

“How long is a moment?”

“Go away! Don’t talk to me!”

While the people of Yeyang wailed and moaned, those from Qixia cheered wholeheartedly.

Tang Yijun pushed the keyboard away and smiled secretively. “Miss Bai, I see you haven’t lost your touch.”

Bai Ziyue glared at him. “I thought you stopped playing a long time ago. By the looks of it, you’ve been practicing as well?”

“I need to keep my loved one, who has a habit of using her alt all the time, company…” Tang Yijun chuckled as his dark eyes seemed to linger on Bai Ziyue.

Bai Ziyue blushed. “Who are you calling a loved one? You’re a teacher! Behave yourself!”

An Xiaxia went up to Sheng Yize and said with admiration, “Sheng Yize, how are you so good at this? You only practiced for a few minutes!”

Disgruntled, Qi Yanxi pushed her head away from Sheng Yize. “Keep your hands off each other in broad daylight. And, Little Dummy Xia, do you seriously believe that he doesn’t know how to play computer games?”

“What?” An Xiaxia was surprised while Sheng Yize said coldly, “Who are you calling a dummy?”