Chapter 256: Xiaxia, Stop Squirming (1)

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“Are you saying she’s not dumb?” Qi Yanxi looked as if he couldn’t take it anymore.

An Xiaxia pursed her lips aggrievedly. “You’re dumb!”

He was going to retort when he saw Sheng Yize give him that sly look again, which alarmed him right away.

Damn it. Was the bastard trying to set him up again?

For his own safety, Qi Yanxi cleared his throat and admitted, “Alright. I’m dumb…”

An Xiaxia looked at him in disbelief. Wait a minute. Did she just witness Devil Qi yielding?

Before she could figure it out, Sheng Yize had already picked her up and led her toward the door of the cyber bar as he snorted, “An Xiaxia, it’s time we settle our accounts now.”

An Xiaxia wailed, “I promise I won’t do it again…”

She would never hit Sheng Yize again even if she got paid for it!

A short distance away, He Jiayu and Chi Yuanfeng had also snuck out of the cyber bar with their caps on, and were ready to take their ride home.

An Xiaxia felt as if she had seen her saviors. She hopped around, calling out, “Help me, Fengfeng…”

Chi Yuanfeng heard her voice and looked her way. He was about to go to her when Sheng Yize flung An Xiaxia over his shoulder, quickened his pace as he got into the car, and slammed the door behind him.

Everything had taken place so fast and smoothly.

Chi Yuanfeng was amazed. “Wow…”

He Jiayu chuckled. “Tsk, tsk, Yize really is quite savage today. Poor Xiaxia. I wonder if that tiny body will be able to endure his ravishing…”

“Brother, I know what you’re suggesting, but do you have to use such explicit words…”

“Explicit? You must have misunderstood me. I think you’re the one that’s looking at it in an indecent way…”

The innocent Chi Yuanfeng was confused and had to admit his defeat after a moment. “Fine, I guess I’m the indecent one…”

Inside the car.

The heating was turned up and it was cozy and warm.

However, cold sweat dotted An Xiaxia’s forehead and her first reaction was to huddle in a corner, trying to make herself as invisible as possible and hoping that Sheng Yize would ignore her.

Obviously, playing the ostrich wasn’t going to work on Sheng Yize.

Crossing his arms and throwing one leg over the other, he said in an unhurried tone, “Xiaxia, I was lucky that you don’t have much strength. Hit me any harder and you would be murdering your husband.”

An Xiaxia’s pretty face turned pink at that “murdering your husband.”

“What husband… We’re not married…” An Xiaxia puckered up her cheeks and retorted, and Sheng Yize replied with a leer. “Oh? Am I sensing a desperation to get married? Xiaxia, be patient. I can always take you to the registry office once you reach the legal age~”

His deep voice had a cajoling tone to it and An Xiaxia was almost too shy to speak.

“Go away, Sheng Yize!” she grumbled. “I didn’t hit you on purpose. You can always hit me back if you want!”

She offered him her little head aggrievedly, as if she was ready for the gallows.

How could she have such a wicked boyfriend, sob …

Sheng Yize didn’t know whether to cry or laugh at her action.

How could his little girlfriend be so adorable?

He stroked her hair gently and chuckled. “Do I look like someone who would hit a woman, let alone my own girlfriend…”

An Xiaxia liked his soft touch on her hair and wriggled into his arms.

Unavoidably, something inside Sheng Yize woke up at this intimacy… He then cleared his throat. “Xiaxia… stop squirming…”

An Xiaxia jabbed his palm with her fingers as she mumbled, “Why?”