Chapter 257: Xiaxia, Stop Squirming (2)

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Sheng Yize gripped her little paw as blue veins bulged at his temple. “An Xiaxia!”

“Huh?” An Xiaxia looked up at him innocently.

Sheng Yize was really speechless.

He knew now that An Xiaxia wasn’t thinking along that line at all.

However, her clear and bright eyes only made his mouth drier.

He coughed, sounding a little hoarse. “Close your eyes.”

“Why?” An Xiaxia asked reluctantly.

“I need to change my clothes. Do you want to watch?” he threatened coldly.

An Xiaxia shook her head right away, sat back up and covered her eyes, turning her back on Sheng Yize.

Sheng Yize let out a breath of relief as soon as she left his arms. However, he was disappointed by a feeling of loss as well.

Damn it!

This little woman!

He grabbed a bottle of water from behind the seats and sipped on it. As the cold water entered his body, his agitation was finally appeased.

An Xiaxia’s short legs dangled as she asked, “Hey, what clothes are you changing into? It’s taking so long!”

Sheng Yize said calmly, “Oh, I’m changing my underwear.”

“You pervert!” An Xiaxia shrieked.

She never thought Sheng Yize had this side to him!

Changing his underwear in a car! She thought she was going to pass out!

Sheng Yize smiled as he saw that even the skin behind her ears had gone pink.

That almost brought the urge back. He didn’t speak for a moment, then changed the subject. “Are you sorry that we didn’t make it into the finals?”

“No… We’re already great, teehee.” An Xiaxia was an easily contented person. “Plus, Chenjiang’s main player is so handsome and so good. He’s even on the district basketball team! They have a much better chance of winning than we do!”

Sheng Yize clutched the water bottle tightly and snorted. “He’s handsome? An Xiaxia, you have such poor taste.”

However, An Xiaxia had obviously misunderstood him and began to earnestly list her reasons. “He really is handsome. He’s tall, has a great figure, and is good-looking, too. He’s a little detached, but polite enough…”

His grip on the bottle tightened again.

Hearing the strange noise coming from behind her, An Xiaxia couldn’t help but turn her head around and peek out from between her fingers.

Why, Sheng Yize wasn’t changing clothes!


“You liar! Sheng Yize!” An Xiaxia was indignant.

Sheng Yize sat there dazed and looked embarrassed. He couldn’t really tell her that… he had asked her to turn around so that he could suppress his urges, could he?

“Oh… I’ll change now.” He pretended to unbutton his shirt, and An Xiaxia cried out angrily, “You scoundrel!”

Seeing their affectionate interaction, the driver couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

Realizing that there was an audience in the car, An Xiaxia stopped talking right away and huddled up in the corner, playing dead.

Sheng Yize’s eyes flickered at this as well.

When they arrived at the An family home, Sheng Yize let An Xiaxia get off first while he stayed behind in the car.

The middle-aged driver smiled. “Young Master, do I pick you and Miss An up tomorrow at the usual time?”

Sheng Yize asked, “Uncle Wang, how long have you been with the Sheng family?”

Uncle Wang hesitated a little before saying, “19 years.”

“That’s older than I am.” The smile on Sheng Yize’s face was unreadable. “19 years is long enough for you to figure out when to speak and when to keep your silence, isn’t it?”

Uncle Wang thought he was going to be reprimanded for interrupting the young couple’s conversation earlier and was going to apologize when Sheng Yize said in a cold voice, “You told my father about me and An Xiaxia, didn’t you?”