Chapter 258: Brother Jiayu, Hold Me Tight!

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Uncle Wang’s heart sank and his face grew pale.

He thought he had been so smooth… never had he anticipated that Sheng Yize would find out so easily.

That was right. He was the one who had reported to Sheng Qingyi about the relationship between Sheng Yize and An Xiaxia.

He had always been Sheng Qingyi’s man. Despite driving for Sheng Yize, he was in fact an informant for his father.

“Uncle Wang, I don’t think I need to educate you on ‘out of the mouth comes evil,’ do I?” There was no warmth in Sheng Yize’s eyes. “From now on, you better stay ignorant of my and An Xiaxia’s business. Pretend you know nothing about it whatsoever, or… heh…”

He chuckled in a cold voice and a chilly air seemed to fill the inside of the car.

“Yes…” said Uncle Wang deferentially as cold sweat covered his forehead.

Sheng Yize then went back inside. Business in the cafe on the first floor was looking good today and Papa An was busy at the bar.

When he came in, Papa An had just made his last cup of coffee. Seeing Sheng Yize, Papa An beckoned at him. “Ah Ze, can you help me put this up outside?”

Sheng Yize turned to look and saw that he was talking about a small blackboard, on which was written an ad looking for part-time staff for the winter vacation.

“Uncle An, are you hiring?”

“That’s right. Winter vacation is going to be a busy time. Since school is almost finished now, I’m putting this up beforehand, so that we won’t be in a flurry when the time comes,” said Papa An with a smile.

Sheng Yize raised an eyebrow. He then took the small blackboard outside before going back upstairs.

On his way up, he saw An Xiaxia jumping excitedly on the second floor. “Wow! Fengfeng! It really is you on TV!”

“Teehee, aren’t I handsome?” Chi Yuanfeng was eating an orange that He Jiayu had peeled for him when he saw Sheng Yize come up and he greeted the latter right away. “Brother, come here! ‘The Tale of the Banished Immortal’ is on air today!”

Right now, Yehuan was wielding his sword on screen. Looking debonair as the lower hem of his robe flapped in the wind, together with the magnificent special effects which had been added during the post production, he made an extremely exquisite picture.

An Xiaxia was almost drooling over the character. However, Sheng Yize barely reacted to his own performance at all.

“Hey, it’s your own show! Aren’t you excited to watch it?” An Xiaxia waved her little paw in front of his face.

Sheng Yize shrugged. “Not really.”

To him, acting was just another job. Once he finished filming, he felt nothing for the final product.

An Xiaxia pursed her lips and dove into the show.

After a moment, she couldn’t help but shift her eyes to Sheng Yize, glancing at his exceptional features and those eyes which were so black that she could sink into them…

Everything about him was so perfect…

While she smiled her infatuated smile, holding her cheeks in her palms, Sheng Yize mocked her scornfully, “You foolish fangirl.”

“Hohoho…” An Xiaxia continued smiling, forgetting about everything else.

As she smiled, Sheng Yize couldn’t hold back anymore and chuckled along with her.

Pinching her baby-fat cheek, Sheng Yize said slowly, “From now on, you can only drool over me.”

Awww —

Singleton Chi Yuanfeng thumped his chest and cried out, “Brother Jiayu, hold me tight! I think I’ve just received a critical hit!”

He Jiayu smiled amiably. “I don’t do bromance.”

” Sob …”

He turned to the TV, which was now showing Immortal Changrong taking Yehuan in as his pupil. After that was a scene which involved Feng Xiaoyu and Yehuan.

Feng Xiaoyu was an important supporting female role in the drama and the person Yehuan adored.

Yehuan and Feng Xiaoyu’s first encounter was an accident. They bumped into each other with a kiss, which was the catalyst for their attraction to each other… They then fell desperately in love…

Sheng Yize thought he was going to have a headache.

What if Xiaxia saw it?