Chapter 259: Don’t Be Jealous, I’m Yours

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Realizing that a kiss scene was coming up, He Jiayu cleared his throat, hinting at Sheng Yize to distract An Xiaxia. “Yize, Xiaxia hasn’t finished her homework yet. Go teach her.”

Sheng Yize was also feeling awkward. “Let’s go, Xiaxia. There’s nothing interesting left in this episode.”

An Xiaxia wouldn’t listen. “It’s really interesting! Let me finish this one!”

She rolled around on the sofa in her fluffy rabbit pajamas. With a nimble movement, Sheng Yize caught the little pink tail on the back of her pajamas and began to drag her toward her room.

An Xiaxia was towed all the way to the door of her room like this when the kiss scene aired on screen.

An Xiaxia bristled right away. “Sheng Yize! You kissed her!”

He Jiayu put a hand on his forehead and gave Sheng Yize a look which said “you’re on your own now.”

Sheng Yize cleared his throat. “Xiaxia, you know, that was only a forced perspective.”

“That’s still a kiss!” An Xiaxia pouted, feeling heartbroken.

“I’m sorry… I won’t do kiss scenes from now on…” Sheng Yize raised both hands to demonstrate his determination.

Chi Yuanfeng happily went up to them. “Xiaxia, I don’t have a kiss scene. Dump Brother Yize. My arms are always ready for you!”

Blue veins danced happily in the corner of Sheng Yize’s forehead. “Fengfeng, are you trying to make me punch you?!”

Chi Yuanfeng immediately skulked away, pretending he was no longer there.

After taking care of the goofy Chi Yuanfeng, Sheng Yize went back to cajoling An Xiaxia. “Don’t be mad at me, all right?”

An Xiaxia snorted and stormed off to her room without another word. Sheng Yize sighed and went after her.

An Xiaxia’s room wasn’t very big, but was cozy and neat. She lay on her stomach on her bed and sulked while holding on to a stuffed animal.

Sob … She knew she was being petty, but seeing it had really upset her!

He was a big star. Although he was no longer as popular for one reason or another, An Xiaxia still believed that once he figured out the disagreement with his company, he would be in the limelight once again!

He would probably have more kiss scenes in the future, or even love scenes, nude scenes…

The more she thought about it, the sadder she became. An Xiaxia buried her head under her pillow and sulked while gnawing a corner of her pillowcase.

A gentle hand took the pillow away, then stroked the rabbit ears on the hood of her pajamas.

“Xiaxia…” It was Sheng Yize’s pleasant and helpless voice.

An Xiaxia sat up and glared at him. “How can you enter a girl’s room without permission?! Hmph!”

“This isn’t just some random girl’s room…” Sheng Yize paused a little before saying, “This is my girlfriend’s room. She’s angry now and I have to make her happy…”

An Xiaxia shyly turned her head away from him.

Hmph, she wasn’t talking to him.

“Acting is just a job and we weren’t together then… I’m not taking acting jobs with such scenes from now on. Plus, we only used an angle and I didn’t even touch her face. Xiaxia, you’re sentencing me to death under a false accusation.” Sheng Yize looked earnestly at her, which made An Xiaxia feel guilty.

He was such a taciturn and aloof person, but he was patient enough to explain this much to her…

“Alright, I get it now.” An Xiaxia’s tone softened.

“Are you still angry, then?” Sheng Yize asked in a low voice.

“Not anymore.” An Xiaxia shook her head adorably and Sheng Yize let out a breath of relief. However, An Xiaxia then said, “But I’m still jealous!”

“Don’t be jealous. I’m yours,” Sheng Yize said with a straight face. His eyes were bright as stars as he stared into An Xiaxia’s.