Chapter 26: You Suck At Kissing (1)

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“This is for my family’s cat, and that’s not you,” Sheng Yize teased her.

An Xiaxia stopped her actions and looked at him aggrievedly. After a while, she let out a humiliating “meow meow” sound.

Sheng Yize was pleased and gave her the CD.

The man let out a mischievous laugh. “Wow… Seems like your family’s cat is pretty cute.”

Sheng Yize didn’t reply, but the smile on his face widened a little.

As for An Xiaxia, after receiving the CD of her beloved idol, she couldn’t hear anything else. Holding the CD in her arms, she giggled like a Cheshire cat.

On the way home, her grip on the CD never once loosened.

Sheng Yize gradually fell into a bad mood when he saw how happy she was.

Was Rong Che really that great? Did she find him that likeable?

He kept his countenance as he said, “You know, your Prince Charming Rong Che needs to pick his nose and fart. Who knows, he might not even flush after using the toilet!”

An Xiaxia sized him up and said sympathetically, “My god, Sheng Yize, I never thought that you could be so childish!”

The corner of Sheng Yize’s lips twitched. “I’m only speaking the truth.”

“Enough. Stop using that corny tactic of paid online posters! Aren’t you just trying to insult and suppress our Rong Che oppa to elevate the status of your Starry Night…” An Xiaxia swaggered before her voice quickly trailed off and she covered her mouth.

Ahem… I almost slipped up. If Sheng Yize finds out I’m their anti-fan, I’ll probably suffer even worse in the future!

“What paid online posters?”

“Haha, nothing. Just a slip of the tongue.”

Sheng Yi glanced at her suspiciously but didn’t say anything.

Once they were home, An Xiaxia acted as if she was going to enshrine the CD and worship it three times a day with burning joss sticks.

After dinner, she happily rolled around on her bed.

However… Sheng Yize’s sudden kiss once again flashed through her mind…

She could still recall the surprise, the nervousness, the confusion, the suffocating pressure, and the coolness of his lips…

“Ah— don’t think about it!” She rolled herself up in her blanket and buried her head. Her cheeks were burning.

That wouldn’t do! She had to go on Weibo to trash Sheng Yize and let out some pent-up anger!

After deciding this, An Xiaxia took out her phone and planned to leak this information to a famous commercial account known as “Gossip Lord” to throw more shade at Sheng Yize!

She typed a draft on her phone first, vividly depicting how Sheng Yize had forced a kiss on her today, then added that Sheng Yize was a scoundrel, a pervert, etc. She nodded in satisfaction at the final product.

It just so happened that her finger twitched when she sent the message out and she accidentally clicked the group message button!

One second later, An Xiaxia was flabbergasted.

If she had sent it to anyone else, she could still explain to them, but Sheng Yize was also in that contact list!

Oh no!

An Xiaxia stared at the row of “message sent” on her screen and almost burst into tears.

She checked the time and saw it was a little after 10PM.

At this late hour… Sheng Yize should be sleeping, right?

In that case, all she needed to do was sneak into his room and quietly delete the message before he read it, right?

I really am the wittiest darling in the world!

An Xiaxia made her decision and quietly crept up the stairs, barefooted.

On the third floor.

An Xiaxia found her way to Sheng Yize’s door and pushed it open slightly without making a sound.

It was completely dark and silent inside. An Xiaxia mustered her courage and snuck in as quiet as a cat.

A cell phone was flickering beside the pillow and An Xiaxia quickly scurried over. When she finally got her hands on the phone, she felt like crying, but tears failed her.

Damn it! Why was it protected by a pattern lock!