Chapter 261: Christmas Ball (2)

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Sheng Yize pricked up his ears as soon as he heard this.

He would chase her to the ends of the world if she dared say she was going with another boy!

An Xiaxia looked up in confusion. “A ball? But I don’t know how to dance. Will I get drumsticks to eat there?”

Sheng Yize was speechless.

Su Xiaomo rolled her eyes. “Are you dumb? It’s not a place to dance, but to meet cute guys!” Realizing that Sheng Yize’s cold gaze was already turning to her, Su Xiaomo covered her mouth right away. “Forget it. You’re no longer available. You don’t have to go.”

She picked up her backpack and bickered with Kang Jian. The two then left together.

An Xiaxia followed Sheng Yize out with her school bag over her shoulders.

Sheng Yize asked, “Do you want to go to that ball?”

An Xiaxia nibbled on her fingers. “But I don’t have any pretty dresses or shoes. I can’t even dance. I’ll only make a fool of myself there, won’t I?”

Sheng Yize narrowed his eyes, as if he was on to something.

An Xiaxia kept talking to herself. “But Momo said there’s going to be a lot of yummy dishes at the ball. Can I just go there to eat? Teehee…”

At those words, Sheng Yize’s mouth twitched and he asked a question.

“Xiaxia, if I and a drumstick fall into the water together, which one will you save?”

Raising his sharp-edged chin a little, he was quite confident of the answer he was going to get.

After all, he should at least be more important than a drumstick!

However, that confidence was immediately shattered by An Xiaxia —

“Sheng Yize, how can you ask such a brainless question?” An Xiaxia said in disbelief.

Sheng Yize fought back the urge to spank her. “You haven’t answered me yet.”

“Hm…” An Xiaxia tilted her head and said, “I can’t swim, so what good is it if I do jump into the water? You can do everything and you’re a champion swimmer. Obviously you’re going to save yourself and get my drumstick out!”

Sheng Yize was speechless.

“What’s wrong with my answer?”


“Why aren’t you saying anything…”

“… heh.”

A certain scheming guy was heartbroken.

The following day, the PE class.

While the PE teacher was testing the students on their physical agility, An Xiaxia snuck away to the lounge to watch the drama after finishing her test.

She was lost in the drama when her phone gave a buzz and the screen went black.

It took An Xiaxia a moment to realize that the battery had run out.

She stretched her legs and was ready to go back to the sports field when she heard the conversation in the changing room next door —

“My mum bought me a Chanel dress and I’m looking for a pair of shoes to go with it.”

“Wow, Xin’er, your family is loaded…”

“That’s nothing. It’s just a dress and I’m only going to wear it once.”

“Hoho, you know what? I heard Sheng Yize and An Xiaxia are together a lot these days. A guy from the basketball team also said they were pretty close. They could be dating!” A girl was toadying up to Jian Xin’er.

Li Canxing pursed her lips. “We’ll know when we see who Sheng Yize brings to the ball.”

Jian Xin’er smirked. “That bitch An Xiaxia must have forced herself onto Captain Yize.”

Ding Yiyi chimed in, “Of course!”

“An Xiaxia doesn’t have any money, though. She won’t show up in her school uniform, will she?”

“Hahaha, that’s right!”


Hearing the sneers, An Xiaxia fumed. She banged on the door.

“Hey! You people feel so superior talking about other people behind their backs, don’t you?!”

There was a brief silence and the door to the dressing room was pulled open. Seeing that An Xiaxia was on her own, the girls exchanged a look and dragged An Xiaxia in.

With a click, Jian Xin’er locked the door behind her and stared maliciously at An Xiaxia!