Chapter 262: Christmas Ball (3)

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An Xiaxia had an uneasy sense of foreboding and bit her lip.

Damn it. She had been carried away by her impulsive nature!

Moreover, she had never expected Jian Xin’er to be this bold in broad daylight!

“An Xiaxia, I see life’s been too good to you these days.” Jian Xin’er pulled her hair and said harshly, “How dare you stay so close to Sheng Yize! And even Young Master Qi is involved with you now! What a bimbo you are!”

“You’re nuts!” An Xiaxia struggled, but Ding Yiyi shoved her and she fell to the ground.

Behind her was the rack for hanging clothes and her back bumped into it. She almost burst into tears from the pain.

“Were you happy with the water in the women’s toilet last time? How do you like it this time?” Ding Yiyi’s grin was so wide that all the fat on her face squeezed together. She moved closer to An Xiaxia.

An Xiaxia gritted her teeth. “You people did that last time?”

She had been locked inside a cubicle the last time and a bucket of cold water had been poured over her head. It had been so humiliating!

“Mhm.” Ding Yiyi snorted. “So what if it was us? That big brother of yours means nothing to us. Do you have any evidence that we did it? What can he sue us for?”

An Xiaxia clenched her fists and was infuriated. “Why are you doing this? What have I ever done to you?”

“Who are you to be together with Sheng Yize?” Jian Xin’er forced her to look up. “What does he see in you? Why is he treating you differently? If he has to like someone, it should be me!”

An Xiaxia felt her stomach turn at the resentful look on Jian Xin’er’s face.

That look alone was enough to turn Sheng Yize away, alright?

“And there’s Young Master Qi! He stood up for you!” Rolls of fat jiggled all over Ding Yiyi’s body as she shook with anger. “I like him and he’s mine. Don’t you know that?”

An Xiaxia was speechless. To be honest, she really didn’t know!

However, she was smart enough to keep her silence. After all, it was herself against four of them. Acting rashly would do her no good.

Li Canxing sneered. “Let’s teach her a lesson and get out of here.”

Another girl nodded repeatedly. “That’s right. Teach her a lesson!”

An Xiaxia looked up and saw that it was Liu Yuanyuan from her class, a known sycophant.

Sensing An Xiaxia’s gaze, Liu Yuanyuan cringed uneasily and offered her vicious idea. “Let’s go and lock her in here! There’s no more PE class this afternoon and no one will come here. She’s not getting out!”

“Good idea! Let’s go!” The four of them exchanged a look and left together. An Xiaxia rose to her feet and tried to follow them, but Ding Yiyi pushed her back.

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The door was mercilessly locked.

“Hey! Let me out!” An Xiaxia pounded on the door with all her strength, but could only hear their chatter fade into the distance.

“The next period is English and the teacher probably had another row with her husband last night. An Xiaxia will have a hell of a time skipping her class!”

“Teehee! She had it coming!”

“We wouldn’t let her off the hook so easily if not for that lawyer brother of hers!”

An Xiaxia sank back to the floor helplessly. The English teacher was the fiercest of all the teachers and she would be annihilated if she was late for her class!

Her phone was dead and no one was coming to the lounge. She was overwhelmed with despair.

She leaned on the door, giving up all hope. A couple of minutes later, An Xiaxia tried one more time. “Anyone out there? Anyone?”

She didn’t have much hope, but someone answered on the other side, which sounded like an angel to her —

“Is there someone in the lounge?”