Chapter 263: Christmas Ball (4)

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The voice was as gentle as the spring breeze, which almost brought tears to An Xiaxia’s eyes.

She pounded on the door. “I’m here! Help!”

The door was opened and she was met with He Jiayu’s handsome and cordial countenance.

He was surprised to see her. “Xiaxia, why are you locked in here?”

An Xiaxia sniffled and didn’t know how to explain.

Luckily, He Jiayu wasn’t the persistent type, and he only smiled politely at her. “Go back to the classroom now. It’s almost time for the next period.”

An Xiaxia nodded and gave him a grateful smile. Something then dawned on her and she asked, “How come you’re here?”

“I was returning some equipment for the sports committee and heard you crying for help next door,” He Jiayu explained.

“Thank you… And, could you keep this from Sheng Yize, please?”

“Why?” He Jiayu was surprised.

An Xiaxia wrung her hands together. “I can’t depend on him for everything. There are things that I want to handle myself.”

Her heart was still ridden with anxiety and uneasiness at the thought of Sheng Yize. Even though she could tell how intense and profound his affection for her was, deep down, she still couldn’t get rid of this feeling of inferiority.

Their relationship had felt like a lopsided one from the beginning.

She didn’t want to put Sheng Yize through any more trouble.

He Jiayu was silent for a moment before nodding at her. “Alright. If you can’t solve it yourself, though, feel free to come to me.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

The two finished their polite conversation and went back to the classroom. The English teacher was already on the podium.

She had a head of unruly hair and was going to scold the two students when the bell rang at that moment. An Xiaxia quickly ran back to her seat. Miss Unruly Hair glared at her and began her lecture.

Jian Xin’er was very unhappy to see her return unscathed.

That bitch! Who on earth had helped her?!

When she got back home, An Xiaxia saw that Papa An had set up a Christmas tree with a lot of gift boxes dangling from it. They were all for the customers of the cafe.

“Wow… Dad, you’re awesome.” An Xiaxia was amazed.

Papa An smiled and lifted a pink box from behind the bar. “This is for you. Merry Christmas.”

“Aaah! Thank you, daddy!”

Awww, her old man had to be the most excellent, handsome, and affable dad in the world!

During dinner, Papa An took out the rest of the gifts which he had prepared for the others.

Everyone was pleasantly surprised and the gifts brought smiles to their faces.

An Xiaxia was wolfing down her food when Sheng Yize patted her on the back, cautioning her in a low voice, “Slow down. You’ll choke yourself.”


“I bought you a present. It’s in your room,” Sheng Yize whispered, then calmly went back to his dinner.

An Xiaxia blinked, then finished her food in a hurry before trotting back to her room.

Receiving a gift was the happiest thing in the world~

On her bedside was a black gift box with a pretty bow.

An Xiaxia carefully opened the box and stared at its contents in amazement.

Inside was none other than an exquisite and sophisticated aqua blue dress. It looked stunning.

An Xiaxia picked it up and turned it around in her hands, falling in love with it right away.

She ran out of her room holding the dress in her arms and bumped right into Sheng Yize, who had come up to deliver her school bag.

“Sheng Yize, is this for me?” An Xiaxia was enraptured.

Sheng Yize smiled and made an inviting gesture with his hand. “Miss An, would you go to the ball with me?”