Chapter 264: Christmas Ball (5)

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An Xiaxia was extremely excited and nodded her head repeatedly. “Sure! Of course! Let’s go get those drumsticks!”

Sheng Yize’s smile froze on his face.

The custom-made dress and all his careful preparations were easily defeated by the mention of drumsticks…

He could almost hear his heart bleeding.

“What do you think? Don’t you like drumsticks?” An Xiaxia blinked her big eyes. “All the better. I’ll have your share! Hoho~”

OMG! She was over the moon. She would have a pretty dress as well as drumsticks. An Xiaxia couldn’t think of anything happier than this in the whole wide world.

Sheng Yize watched her with resignation and sighed after a long moment. “As long as you’re happy.”

This little fool.

Didn’t she know what it meant for a guy to ask a girl to a dance?

Christmas arrived on a Saturday this year and Friday was Christmas Eve. Everyone in the class exchanged gifts and apples as a token of goodwill.

An Xiaxia had received a considerable amount. However, it was nothing compared with Sheng Yize’s.

His drawer had long been stuffed full and gifts spilled over the top of his desk. It was unbelievable.

The class president found a big carton for him so that he could put everything inside.

An Xiaxia gnawed at her fingers as she watched them hustle around.

Hm… He was really as popular as ever.

“Aren’t you too old to chew on your fingers? Do you know how many germs you’re putting into your mouth?” Sheng Yize’s deep voice rang out beside her ear and An Xiaxia put her hand down immediately in fright.

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She mumbled, “Sheng Yize, you’re yapping at me more than my dad does…”

Dark clouds brewed over Sheng Yize’s head. “You dummy. Do whatever you want, then.”

An Xiaxia went back to chewing her fingers sadly.

During recess, Su Xiaomo snuck up to her with a paper bag in her hand. She asked nervously, “Xiaxia, could you give this to He Jiayu for me?”

“Huh?” An Xiaxia looked into the bag and saw that it was a handmade scarf!

“Geez, Momo, did you make this yourself?” An Xiaxia opened her eyes wide.

She had never expected to see this girly side of Su Xiaomo…

The expression on Su Xiaomo’s face was so animated that her eyebrows rose into her hairline. “Of course. It took me over half a month…”

Before she could finish her sentence, someone snatched the paper bag out of her hand. It was Nangong Jing, the class troublemaker.

“Shit. Sis Mo, did you make this? Tsk, tsk. There’s a hole here. And here, isn’t the thread woven a bit too tightly in this spot?” Nangong Jing guffawed, which drew the attention of the rest of the class.

Su Xiaomo snapped, “What’s wrong with you? Give it back!”

“No, I won’t!” Nangong Jing made a face at her. “This reminds me of a song ‘Knit A Sweat.’ Let me sing it for you all. ‘I love you so dearly, yet you love a dick. Although that dick doesn’t love you back, you’re still knitting him a sweater…’”

He sang with an exaggerated expression, which set the entire class roaring.

Su Xiaomo’s pretty face flushed. She had never been a fastidious girl and she got along pretty well with the rest of the class.

She wouldn’t have minded if this was just normal teasing.

But now… She darted a helpless look at He Jiayu, who was still reading a physics textbook, as if all the fuss had nothing to do with him at all.

Somehow, Su Xiaomo was overwhelmed by sadness and she exploded. “GIVE IT BACK!!”

Nangong Jing’s singing stopped short and he looked at Su Xiaomo, genuinely surprised.

“Tch, it’s just a lousy scarf… Whoever you’re giving it to, they may not even want it…”