Chapter 265: Christmas Ball (6)

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That hit Su Xiaomo’s soft spot and she almost burst into tears.

“F**k off! You imbecile! Shut up!” Su Xiaomo leapt up and kicked Nangong Jing to the floor.

Nangong Jing cried out and the paper bag flew out of his hand.

The gray scarf made a perfect arc in the air and landed right on He Jiayu’s desk.

Su Xiaomo was dumbfounded while An Xiaxia’s mouth fell open.

The teenager as gentle as an angel batted his eyelashes and looked up. He then picked up the scarf, put it back in the paper bag, rose to his feet, and strode over. He went up to Su Xiaomo and handed her the bag.

“One should always cherish a gift from a girl. However the scarf turns out, the one receiving the gift will see its significance.” His smile was as warm as a spring breeze, which befuddled Su Xiaomo. She stood there, flustered.

Nangong Jing was going to cry some more when Kang Jian kicked him. “Save your poor EQ for another time. See? That’s how you woo a girl. Learn from it! Mess with Sister Mo again and I’ll kick you… Oh, I don’t need to. Sister Mo is more than capable of doing it herself!”

In the end, Su Xiaomo took the scarf and fled the scene with a scarlet face.

That evening, An Xiaxia received a message from her.

“Aaah! What am I gonna do?! Xiaxia, how am I going to give it to him now?”

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An Xiaxia was at a loss, too. After all, she had no experience in this area at all. However, she had a boyfriend now, so she ran to find Sheng Yize in a hurry.

“Sheng Yize, I forgot to get you a gift… Um, what do you like? I think I still have time to buy one…” An Xiaxia wrung her hands together like a child ready to be punished.

In his room, Sheng Yize squinted at her. “You forgot?”

“Hm… I’m sorry…” An Xiaxia admitted to her mistake honestly.

“Come here.” He beckoned her over with one finger.

An Xiaxia moved closer and looked at him with unblinking eyes.

He gave her a peck on her cheek and smiled gently. “That’ll do.”

“Do what?” An Xiaxia was confused.

“Just think of the kiss… as your gift to me. A kiss that tastes like An Xiaxia.” Sheng Yize was back to his detached poker face while he flirted in a serious tone.

However, this ascetic manner made An Xiaxia blush even more.

“You… aaah…” An Xiaxia covered her face and stumbled out of the room.

Watching her running away, Sheng Yize’s eyes twinkled with a smile.

Back in her room, An Xiaxia told Su Xiaomo what just happened and got a reply filled with emojis of bombs, cleavers, and cannons. Su Xiaomo howled in her text. “Damn you! I’m asking you for ideas, not to learn about what a loving couple you are! Is anyone out there? I need a royal doctor to heal my shattered single soul!”

An Xiaxia shrugged in reply.

The day of the Christmas ball, 6PM.

An Xiaxia was busy putting on makeup in the bathroom.

She rarely wore any makeup. After much blending and brushing, she felt quite the beauty. However, when she walked out, she was met with the distasteful looks of her family members.

An Yibei said, “What, are you going to sing in an opera or attend a seance? Can you paint your cheeks any redder?”

“I thought this was the popular look now…” Disheartened, An Xiaxia turned hopefully to Papa An. “Dad, what do you think?”

Papa An cleared his throat. “Xiaxia… How do you feel about going to the ball bare-faced?”

An Xiaxia said, “Alright…”

Sigh , if only they could comprehend the difficulty of someone who had been born with clumsy hands.