Chapter 266: Christmas Ball (7)

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Just then, Sheng Yize walked down the stairs. He wore a black suit with a blue-patterned tie. He was a picture too beautiful for one to look away from.

Behind him, He Jiayu and Chi Yuanfeng were all dressed formally. Together, the three of them were the perfect protagonists of a romantic drama.

An Xiaxia was stunned. With the light shining down from above, the trio all seemed to have halos over their heads.

Looking back at herself… An Xiaxia felt like bashing her head against the wall.

She was crestfallen. “I better wash my makeup off…”

Before she could make a move, Chi Yuanfeng ran to her side and twirled her around. He almost gave himself a cramp from laughing. “Xiaxia, why do you look like a spiritual rabbit…”

Before, when An Xiaxia had been an extra and played a corpse, the makeup artist had put a very red blush on her, making her as lovely as a doll in New Year pictures. However, what she had done to herself… was not fit to be seen.

“Go away!” An Xiaxia pouted, and heard Sheng Yize’s quiet chuckle.

“And a very ugly spiritual rabbit…” he added sharply.

An Xiaxia was defeated. Even he was laughing at her!

Crestfallen, she about to head for the bathroom when someone tugged at her collar. Sheng Yize rubbed her head and said, “Come with me.”


An hour later.

An Xiaxia looked at herself in the mirror and her mouth fell open.

Her eyebrows were drawn into nice arches and the makeup accentuated her delicate features. Her lips were a fresh red against her white teeth and her big bright eyes blinked back at her. Her hair was tied up in a pretty bun, with a few strands of loose hair dangling around her cheeks. Together with the dress Sheng Yize had given her, she almost couldn’t recognize herself.

“Why, Yize indeed has a pretty little girlfriend.” The good-looking stylist chuckled and beckoned at her assistant. “Open the door.”

The door was pulled open and Sheng Yize, who was waiting outside and flipping boredly through a magazine, looked their way.

He was dazed a little when he saw An Xiaxia’s new look, and appeared amazed.

Thanks to his great self-restraint, he adjusted his mood a moment later and was back to his calm self again.

He had never expected that makeup… would do such wonders to the little woman.

She was so beautiful that he couldn’t bear to show her to anyone else.

Getting no reaction from Sheng Yize, An Xiaxia tugged shyly at the lower hem of her dress.

Seeing this, the stylist quickly looked around and called out, “Yize, come and pick a pair of shoes for your little girlfriend~”

Sheng Yize nodded, put down the magazine, and went up to her.

He was a frequent customer at this store and Ami, the stylist, was good friends with Sis Ke. He had brought An Xiaxia here and explained their needs. In a brief moment, Ami had gotten An Xiaxia ready.

She had prepared two pairs of shoes, both in fine style. An Xiaxia sighed with amazement, saying that they were only fit for a princess.

“The pumps are pretty nice and should go better with the dress… The flat pair is not bad, either. But I’ve asked Xiaxia and she said she’s never worn heels before. So, what do you think?” Ami asked, blinking her eyes.

Sheng Yize didn’t reply, but crouched down directly and put on a pair of shoes for An Xiaxia himself.

An Xiaxia let out a “hm” and curled her toes uneasily.

Sheng Yize didn’t give her a chance to flinch. He caught her fair and tender feet and put on the shoes.

Ami stood on one side and watched this in astonishment, her red lips parting slightly. “Wow… that was sweet…”

Sheng Yize had chosen the flat shoes.

In order to ease the awkwardness, An Xiaxia cleared her throat and asked, “Am… Am I still ugly?”

Sheng Yize smiled and his eyes twinkled like stars. An Xiaxia thought her heart was going to jump out of her chest.