Chapter 267: Christmas Ball (8)

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“Tell me…” An Xiaxia prompted him eagerly.

Everyone wanted to look their best in front of their loved ones. Earlier, he had teased her about looking like an ugly spiritual rabbit, which had knocked her confidence.

The smile reached Sheng Yize’s eyes. “Yes, you’re the prettiest spiritual rabbit now. Fairy Rabbit, would you dance with me, a mortal man?”

Flirting had never been his forte, but whenever he tried it, it would melt An Xiaxia’s heart.

An Xiaxia nodded affirmatively. She even chortled and teased him back. “If I knew being a mortal man would be so tiresome, I would never have come to your world in the first place.”

Hearing that, Sheng Yize’s smile only widened. Ami and her assistant catcalled in unison. “Hey, you two, do you have to be this sweet? I could go tell your teacher that you’re dating!”

An Xiaxia’s eyes widened as anxiety washed over her.

Sheng Yize held her hand and gave it a comforting squeeze. “Don’t worry. They’re just kidding.”

At this, the others exclaimed even louder.

“This is such an unhealthy scene for us single people…”

“I believe in love again… They’re so young and so innocent. Why didn’t I have handsome idols like this when I was in school…”

Ami teased them, “Any puppy love that doesn’t lead to marriage is illegal!”

A red flush suffused An Xiaxia’s face when Sheng Yize replied unhurriedly, “Sister Ami, stop scaring my little wife. She’s very bashful. Embarrass her and she’ll beat me up in a minute.”


Little wife?

An Xiaxia was dumbfounded.

“Oh~ tsk, tsk. In that case, I look forward to the day when you stop wearing a school uniform and put on your wedding dress. I’ll send you a huge red packet~” Ami chuckled wholeheartedly.

Sheng Yize exchanged a few more words with her before leading the red-faced An Xiaxia out of the store.

On their way to school, An Xiaxia tugged at her dress the whole time and dared not look at Sheng Yize.

Awww! She was shy!

“Xiaxia, are you not well? Why have your cheeks been so red this whole time?” Sheng Yize frowned and felt her forehead.

It was very warm, but still within the normal range.

An Xiaxia brushed his hand away and stammered, “Sheng Yize, what do you mean by ‘your wife’…”

She held her breath and looked into his eyes. No matter what marvelous scenery they drove past outside, it was nothing compared with the handsome face of this teenager in front of her.

“Just — what it means, literally,” he replied in his deep, lazy voice. “Xiaxia, aren’t you my little wife?”

An Xiaxia bit her lip. “I’m not! I haven’t married you yet…”

“Then do you want to marry me?” Our scheming fellow was skillfully luring her into his trap.

“Hm…” An Xiaxia was defenseless under such flirting and mumbled, “I need some time to think about it…”

Sheng Yize’s low and pleasant chuckle rang out inside the car.

He said, “Alright. I’ll wait.”

I’ll wait for you to grow up and make your decision. I’ll wait for you to replace your school uniform with a wedding dress. I’ll wait until we can hold hands from the first rays of the morning to until our hair turns gray.

The venue of Qixia’s Christmas ball was the school auditorium. Not only was the place lavishly decorated, a professional band had also been hired to play for the night.

Beautiful boys and girls walked to and fro in the auditorium and the hall was boisterous.

Jian Xin’er held her extravagant dress off the floor and raised her delicate chin. “I’ll have Sheng Yize ask me for the first dance today!”

Before she could say another word, exclamations began to ring out from the entrance of the auditorium and gradually spread out.

After seeing what was going on there, the gloating look on Jian Xin’er’s face vanished instantly. She was as white as a sheet!