Chapter 268: Christmas Ball (9)

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Four people slowly walked in, accompanied by the melodious tune of the violins.

Chi Yuanfeng and He Jiayu were both in suits. One was smiling mildly while the other flaunted his alluringly beautiful face, both raising a round of shrieks.

Behind them was Sheng Yize in formal attire. His perfect features were as sharp as a sculpture’s. With his wide shoulders, long legs, and his expressionless face, he gave off an ascetic air that was irresistibly delicious.

Beside him was an adorable and naive-looking girl. She wore a pretty blue dress and had her hair tied up in a chubby top bun. She looked like some snow fairy that had walked out of a cartoon.

Why was An Xiaxia with Starry Night?

That was the question in many people’s heads.

Jian Xin’er gritted her teeth and watched them with a malicious look.

“Xin’er… What’s wrong? Hoho, who knows where that bitch An Xiaxia got her dress from. I bet it’s some knock-off she bought from some stall…” Liu Yuanyuan the toady was following Jian Xin’er around as she bad-mouthed An Xiaxia the entire time.

“Shut up! You imbecile!” Jian Xin’er scolded in a harsh tone. Her eyes were filled with hatred.

She had wanted that dress for herself.

However, the assistant of the world-class designer had informed her that the dress had been specially ordered for another customer and couldn’t be sold to her. She wasn’t even allowed to have one in a similar style!

However, her dream dress was now on An Xiaxia!

Li Fanxing kept a nonchalant face on, but her fists had clenched together.

Was it true that love would come in time after living under the same roof?

That goddamn An Xiaxia!

An Xiaxia sensed the hostile looks of many girls and instinctively tried to skulk off.

Sheng Yize darted her a look and asked airily, “Where are you going?”

“Heh… Sheng Yize, I don’t have to tell you how popular you people are right now. If I follow you around any longer, I’ll be killed by the looks they’re giving me…” An Xiaxia pouted and looked aggrieved.

Sheng Yize pondered for a moment. “So?”

“So, let’s split up and find yummy food on our own. We’ll meet there!” An Xiaxia pointed at a corner before happily sneaking off to get her food.

Sheng Yize shook his head with resignation.

To An Xiaxia, food was probably more important than him, her boyfriend.

Talk about the sad reality of having an adorkable glutton for a girlfriend…

“I see somebody has dressed up for the event,” said a scornful voice. Looking up, he saw Qi Yanxi roll his eyes with a glass of juice in his hand.

“Heh.” Sheng Yize snorted.

Qi Yanxi sipped at his juice and rolled his eyes again. “See? Dummy Xia actually has foresight. She’s dumped you, the dried old meat, and has wandered off to have fun with some other fresh blood. You should scram before it’s too late!”

Sheng Yize looked around and saw that An Xiaxia had met up with Kang Jian and Su Xiaomo a short distance away. The three were engaged in a lively conversation now.

Sheng Yize raised his eyebrows and switched to his sharp-tongued mode. “Qi Yanxi, if I remember correctly, you’re even a year older than me, aren’t you?”

“…” Qi Yanxi didn’t feel good about this.

“You were a junior when I was in 8th grade… And now? I’m a junior myself and so are you, still. Hoho, who are you calling a piece of dried old meat again?”

“What are you saying?! Damn it! Are you calling me old?” Qi Yanxi exploded.

“So, someone is not only old, but is mentally-challenged as well… Now I see why you had to repeat the year.” Sheng Yize was relentless.

Qi Yanxi thought he was going to have a stroke. However, he whistled all of a sudden. “Hey, you have an incoming pursuer…”