Chapter 269: Christmas Ball (10)

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Followed by the covetous and amazed stares of countless boys, Li Fanxing arrived wearing a red dress with a multi-layered hemline. Along with her exquisite makeup, she looked like a blossoming red rose, reminding one of a princess.

With two glasses of juice in her hands, she headed for Sheng Yize and Qi Yanxi.

“They don’t serve alcohol at a school banquet, but fruit juice is nice, too. Have some. It’s good for your health.” Li Fanxing smiled prettily and handed Qi Yanxi a glass first.

It would be too cruel to give her the cold shoulder now. A teasing look flickered in Qi Yanxi’s amorous eyes as he took the juice and sipped at it.

Sheng Yize didn’t even move and his face darkened a little. “Miss Li, to what do I owe this pleasure?”

Li Fanxing’s smile didn’t falter at all. “Yize… What happened two years ago really was a misunderstanding. Can’t we go back to what we were? It was the best time… You, me, and Yanxi…” A reminiscing look crept onto her face, but obviously, neither of the other two would play along.

Qi Yanxi interrupted her right away. “My dear ex-friend, are you coming back to me? Or are you going to play hard-to-get while flirting with Sheng Yize? That was a good plan, dipping into the pockets of both the Sheng and Qi families. But have you ever thought about this question: What makes you think we’ll let you?”

He could clearly see the fluster flash in Li Fanxing’s eyes.

Two years ago, he could never have brought himself to treat her this way.

Now, he had finally seen through Li Fanxing!

She had never liked him. All she wanted was the Qi family behind him.

Because of something that had happened two years ago, he had lost his family’s favor. Hence, she abandoned him without even looking back and went right after Sheng Yize.

How blind was he to have fallen for such a selfish woman?

Damn. It seemed that whoever fell blindly in love had a good chance of becoming a fool.

Li Fanxing gritted her teeth and shifted her target, planning to hand the second glass to Sheng Yize.

She knew that Sheng Yize didn’t see eye to eye with Qi Yanxi at the moment. Since Qi Yanxi had mocked her, Sheng Yize would definitely treat her nicer just to annoy Qi Yanxi.

She had always thought herself a smart person, but she had forgotten the saying “a wise man can be ruined by his own wisdom.”

Not only didn’t Sheng Yize take her juice, he even nodded approvingly at Qi Yanxi. “Qi Yanxi, you don’t have much brains, but I have to admit, what you said was spot on. Our Sheng family is just too small an enterprise for a tycoon like the Li family.”

The look on Li Fanxing’s face couldn’t be any grimmer than it was now.

The Li family was doing decently in the business world, but they were nothing compared with top financial groups like the Sheng family! Sheng Yize was saying that as sarcasm directed at her!

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“And, Miss Li, I have a girlfriend now. She’s a bit of the jealous type, but more importantly, I can’t bear to see her upset. So, please keep your distance from me.” He bowed a little like the perfect gentleman.

However, Li Fanxing’s mood had just taken a rollercoaster ride and dropped to the bottom in an instant!

A composed face-slapping was the most ruthless type!

On the second floor of the auditorium.

The principal followed a black-suited man deferentially. The man stood tall and straight and had a robust gait. Time had left its mark on his face, but it had done little to lessen his charm.

“Mr. Song… The one in the blue dress in the corner is Miss An.”

The man addressed as “Mr. Song” shuddered.

“Her name is… Xiaxia?”


A sadness filled his eyes right away.