Chapter 270: Christmas Ball (11)

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Mr. Song’s fine eyebrows knitted together guiltily as his gaze followed that nimble blue figure around the auditorium.

An Xiaxia said something to her friend beside her and smiled brightly. She looked like an ice-blue flower in a wild land: pure, innocent, and full of the liveliness of youth.

It was so good to see Xiaxia like this…

She had grown up to be this beautiful girl with friends, joy, and happiness.

Tumultuous emotions overwhelmed Mr. Song and his special assistant handed him a handkerchief right away. He took it and dabbed at the corner of his eye.

The principal stole a glance and was baffled.

The famous Mr. Song was crying?

Who on earth was that girl to him?

Before the principal could figure it out, Mr. Song spoke again in a most genteel manner. “Mr. Principal, I see that Qixia’s laboratory building is quite old. The Song Group will hereby make a donation and build two laboratory buildings for Qixia.”

The principal was elated. The school board had gone to some painstaking effort to get this sponsor; he had never expected the man to be so generous!

He was talking about two laboratory buildings! That would cost tens, if not thousands, of millions to build!

He put on a obsequious smile right away. “Thank you, Mr. Song… The entire Qixia appreciates your generosity…”

Mr. Song waved at him. “Don’t thank me. My only request is that you take good care of this girl. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

The principal was shocked, but managed to keep his face expressionless as he bowed in humble reverence. “Yes.”

A soothing tune rang out and Xiao Yan, the president of the student council, stepped onto the platform wearing a dark blue suit with a matching bow. He then announced the commencement of the ball.

A hubbub rang out across the crowd, then everyone began to find dancing partners.

Su Xiaomo nervously watched He Jiayu, who was a short distance away. He was surrounded by a group of girls at the moment. As mild as he was, he greeted everyone with a gentle smile, which only made the girls linger around him longer.

Su Xiaomo was actually quite envious of what they were doing. However, she was used to being a tough girl and couldn’t even begin to think about buttering up to He Jiayu with saccharine sweetness.

Since she wasn’t doing great in her love life, she couldn’t help but tease An Xiaxia.

“Xiaxia, look at Xiao Yan and the sad little look on his face. Sigh … you’re throwing away a chance with all the fresh young guys out there for Sheng Yize alone!”

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Sheng Yize, who was coming their way, pause at those words, as if he was waiting for An Xiaxia’s answer.

Um… Su Xiaomo was going to change the subject so that An Xiaxia wouldn’t say something she shouldn’t. However, An Xiaxia nodded her little head and pondered. “You have a point…”

Pffft! No, there’s no point! Your boyfriend is right behind you! Su Xiaomo made all kinds of faces, trying to warn An Xiaxia.

Adorkable Xia didn’t get any of her message. She only chuckled and stuck out her chest proudly and said, “But him alone is enough for me! He’s more than all those guys out there put together!”

“Yuck — You’re making me sick!” Su Xiaomo thumped her shoulder and saw that Sheng Yize was smiling brightly.

He went up to them and held An Xiaxia from behind, which made her jump.

“OMG! You scared the shit out of me!” An Xiaxia patted her chest. “Where did you come from?”

Sheng Yize was in a great mood and ignored her wording. He then took a plate of cake out of nowhere. “Want this?”

“Yes!” An Xiaxia nodded.

He pinched her cheek, showing his affection regardless of the others around them.

Su Xiaomo watched enviously when a gentle voice came from behind her. “Miss Su, may I have the pleasure of this dance?”