Chapter 271: Christmas Ball (12)

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Miss Su? Was he talking to her?

Su Xiaomo looked over her shoulder and saw He Jiayu standing there. In his white suit, he looked as handsome and elegant as a prince from a fairy tale.

Her tough girl heart was thumping.

“Um… Yes… Yes, of course!” Su Xiaomo was so nervous that she was stammering.

He Jiayu smiled and made an inviting gesture. Su Xiaomo then put her hand in his palm excitedly.

The small hand in his palm was soft and thin. Because of all the drawing she did, she had a thin layer of calluses on her fingers.

Wouldn’t be nice if he could hold this hand forever…

He Jiayu’s heart skipped a beat. This thought surprised even him.

While those two danced to the music, An Xiaxia dug into the cake with a spoon. Cream was stuck to the corner of her mouth.

“Wow, that’s so romantic! Is He Jiayu hitting on Momo now?” An Xiaxia poked Sheng Yize with a finger to share the gossip, thinking he was Kang Jian.

However, she got no response after much poking.

Looking around, she realized that Kang Jian had long wandered off with his friends, while Sheng Yize’s suit had rucked up a little under her poking finger.

An Xiaxia was utterly embarrassed. She was immediately about to smooth down his clothes when Sheng Yize caught her hand in his and squeezed it lightly.

His other hand moved to her mouth and wiped away the cream.

“Little fool.” His deep voice was so gentle and there was no reproach in his tone at all.

With one hand in his palm and the other hand holding a plate, An Xiaxia opened her eyes wide and looked at him in a daze.

The teenager was so tall that she had to lift her head. The difference between their heights somehow looked harmonious.

The affectionate atmosphere was interrupted by Chi Yuanfeng.

“Brother! Stop standing around! It’s time for our performance!” He dragged Sheng Yize away, ignoring the murderous look in the scheming fellow’s eyes.

On the dance floor.

A storm of emotions filled Su Xiaomo when He Jiayu suddenly moved closer. His handsome face was less than a centimeter away from hers.

He lowered his head to her ear and whispered, “Pardon me…”

Hm… Why so polite? Was he going to kiss her?

It would be her first kiss! Aaaah! She was so nervous! What should she do? Should she close her eyes?

Su Xiaomo was so excited when a pair of big hands touched her back. There was then a zipping sound and he moved away immediately.

“Your zip was open. Sorry about that.” He Jiayu nodded politely, then let go of Su Xiaomo before joining Chi Yuanfeng and Sheng Yize.

Su Xiaomo almost choked and she felt like killing someone right now!

Goddamnit! Why did her first close contact with her idol turn out to be him zipping her up?!

That goddamn zip! Aaah! Why did he have to zip it for her?! She was going to die from embarrassment!

While Su Xiaomo was dying from the shame, An Xiaxia stood there absentmindedly.

However, both were brought back to reality by a song.

On the platform of the auditorium, Starry Night was singing their famous “Boundless Starry Night.”

The tune was very catchy and the crowd couldn’t help but sing along.

Once on stage, they were the unquestionable national idols!

Looking at Sheng Yize, who was standing in the middle, An Xiaxia felt something sweeter than the cake.

While she was giggling to herself, her phone in her bag began to vibrate.

She took it out and saw an unread message. It was from Mu Li.

“Xiaxia… I’m having my period. Could you buy me some pads and bring them to me?”

An Xiaxia quickly replied, “Sure. Just a sec.”

She turned around and disappeared into a place where the light didn’t shine.