Chapter 273: You Deserve To Die! (2)

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“Xin’er… what now…” Ding Yiyi was panicking.

The lesson An Yibei had taught them was still fresh in her memory!

They had thought they could bully An Xiaxia in secret; without evidence, even An Xiaxia couldn’t do anything!

However, things were turning out differently now. So many people were coming this way and they would see immediately that they were doing things to An Xiaxia!

Jian Xin’er gnashed her teeth. “How should I know? Li Canxing… What has she done…”

A short distance away, Li Canxing stood there with perfect composure and enjoyed the farce.

Come to think of it, it had actually been her idea that they should make An Xiaxia suffer a little.

It was just that she was done using the two idiots Jian Xin’er and Ding Yiyi, so she might as well put them under the spotlight.

This way, she would have a better chance of grabbing the next opportunity.

Beside her stood Li Fanxing, who had just been ignored by both Sheng Yize and Qi Yanxi.

Li Fanxing sneered. “Canxing, you really are a piece of work.”

To kick down the ladder and get rid of the helper — she was much more brutal than her older sister!

“The feeling is mutual, Sister.” The smile on Li Canxing’s face faded a little. “Whether it’s Sheng Yize or Qi Yanxi who steps out to save her, I’m actually looking forward to seeing what will become of An Xiaxia next…”

Water splashed in the fountain as An Xiaxia struggled. The bone-chillingly cold water was everywhere and an unknown fear overwhelmed her. She thought she was going to die.

Water was all around her and pieces of a memory she didn’t recognize began to flash through her head.

Gradually, she began to hear people talking above her head. It was then that she realized the water wasn’t very deep.

She finally managed to stand up in the water, which only went up to her neck. She then grabbed onto the side of the fountain and climbed out.

She was now shaking from the cold. Her wet hair was in streaks and the dress stuck to her tiny frame, making her the most sorry picture.

As soon as she climbed out, the crowd burst out laughing!

“Haha, isn’t this An Xiaxia? Tch, what’s this about…”

“She doesn’t have much to look at. She has no curves at all!”

“Teehee, don’t you think she looks exactly like the princess who loses her charm and becomes that gray duckling again?”


An Xiaxia ignored all the talk and stared at Jian Xin’er with bloodshot eyes.

Jian Xin’er stumbled back at this.

She forced herself to stay calm and snickered. “An Xiaxia, are you an idiot? How could you fall into the fountain on your own? That was very selfless of you, entertaining the crowd with what little brains you have!”

The vicious words made An Xiaxia chuckle despite herself.

It was a sad smile, but had a tenacity to it. “Jian Xin’er, say it again. Why was I in the water?”

“You fell in yourself, obviously!” Jian Xin’er replied matter-of-factly.

She burned with hatred for An Xiaxia inside. This woman was making it so difficult for her! If she admitted what she did, she would be forever shamed in Qixia!

An Xiaxia dragged her dress with her as she walked toward Jian Xin’er. “Say that again!”

Jian Xin’er was vexed. “You fell in! So what? Are you going to pin it on me now?!”

She raised her hand and tried to push An Xiaxia.

An Xiaxia caught her wrist and smiled self-mockingly. The smile made Jian Xin’er’s stomach lurch.

“Jian Xin’er! I told you already. Don’t mess with me!”

With An Xiaxia’s clear voice, a slap landed on Jian Xin’er’s face!

The resonating sound astonished everyone.

Oh my god. Did An Xiaxia just slap Jian Xin’er?!