Chapter 274: You Deserve To Die! (3)

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For one moment, it got so quiet that the breathing of the crowd could be heard.

Jian Xin’er held a hand over her cheek and looked incredulous.

Did she just get slapped? By An Xiaxia, for that matter?

Tears welled up in An Xiaxia’s eyes as she enunciated each word. “Jian Xin’er, how many times have you done such things to me now? You just took it for granted that I didn’t dare fight back, didn’t you? Have you ever stopped to think about what I have ever done to deserve that, to stand there and tolerate your bullying?”

“You bitch!” Jian Xin’er screamed hysterically. “How dare you touch me? You deserve to die! How dare you hit me?! Go to hell!”

She pounced on An Xiaxia as if she had lost her mind, and An Xiaxia briskly slapped her again!

“I deserve to die? Heh, the feeling is mutual for your entire family! I’m not going to die and I’ll live a life as happy as can be! As for you, get out of my life already!”

She used all her strength and all her rage lashed out in that moment!

The crowd was dumbfounded by this. They exchanged hesitant looks and no one dared step out.

Jian Xin’er was beaten into the ground. She had never expected An Xiaxia to be this fierce when she lost her temper!

She thought she was going to lose her mind. The shame of going through such humiliation in front of the entire school was killing her!

However, she didn’t feel guilty at all at An Xiaxia’s accusation!

She merely asked the woman to die and that was nothing! Hmph!

Selfish as she always was, she didn’t think of anyone but herself. The feelings of those she bullied were never her concern.

In her world, she was on the top of the ladder and no one was allowed to defy her!

However, that had all been shattered by An Xiaxia now.

Jian Xin’er scrambled to her feet, holding a small stone in her hand. She then bellowed like a shrew, “An Xiaxia! Go to hell!”

Before she could throw the stone, someone else kicked her to the ground again!

The crowd erupted as they stared in shock at Qi Yanxi, who had just arrived.

He was emanating an air that reminded them of a devil out of hell. “Jian Xin’er, do you have a death wish?! I’ll make it happen!”

Jian Xin’er cried out in pain and wouldn’t admit defeat. “Young Master Qi! How could you hit me for such a bitch? She’s just a slut! Had it not been for her…”

“Shut up!” Qi Yanxi growled, which made Jian Xin’er almost lose control of her bladder. She shivered and dared not say another word.

The slender teenager bent down and pinched Jian Xin’er’s chin between his fingers. “Say another bad word about An Xiaxia and you’ll die right here!

“She might have a thousand flaws, but it’s not your place to judge! She’s An Xiaxia, not someone you can insult at your will!”

The chilly command resonated in the air and everyone present formed an understanding: they would never mess with An Xiaxia from now on!

The cold winter wind blew heavily and An Xiaxia felt the world spin. The wet clothes was icy cold on her skin and she was freezing down to her bones.

Qi Yanxi sensed she wasn’t doing well and was going to hold her when a pair of big hands took over and covered An Xiaxia.

His fingers lingered a moment in mid-air before he retrieved his hands in a self-mocking manner.

He looked at Sheng Yize, who had just arrived. There wasn’t a hint of emotion in the young man’s face.

The saying went: To explode in silence, or to die in it.

The others hadn’t seen Sheng Yize lose his temper before, but Qi Yanxi had.

He knew too well that Sheng Yize had a habit of concealing all his joy and anger. The more level-headed and indifferent he appeared to be, the angrier he actually was!

“Since when do I need you to carry out my punishment?” A voice colder than the wind made everyone jolt!