Chapter 275: You’re Already Perfect As You Are (1)

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Qi Yanxi grimace and mumbled, “Talk about overprotective…”

Seeing Sheng Yize arrive, Jian Xin’er was all the more frightened. She stammered gingerly, “It… it wasn’t me. An Xiaxia fell into the fountain herself. Yes, that was what happened!”

Sheng Yize took off his jacket and wrapped it around An Xiaxia, then asked in a perfect casual tone, “Is that so?”

The three simple words scared Jian Xin’er out of her wits!

She changed her statement right away. “No, no, it isn’t! She did it! It was all her! I know nothing about it!” She pointed at Ding Yiyi who stood a short distance away, looking as dumb as a piece of wood.

Ding Yiyi came to herself and was infuriated. “Jian Xin’er! What are you saying? Are you making me the scapegoat now? Everyone, trust nothing out of her mouth. Jian Xin’er is behind all this! She tricked An Xiaxia into coming here and pushed her into the fountain!”

At those words, the crowd erupted and everyone was talking at the same time —

“Shit, that was so mean. It’s winter now and zero degrees out here. She pushed her into the water… She might as well have killed her…”

“Don’t tell me how fierce you boys fight now. The war between girls is the truly scary one!”

“Bah! Does she even know what shame is, bullying others like that? We don’t want people like her in Qixia!”

“Exactly. Kick her out!”

After Jian Xin’er was exposed for what she really was, a lot of people began to call out, telling her to get the hell out of Qixia.

More and more people chimed in and in the end, everyone was chanting in unison, “Jian Xin’er, out! Leave Qixia!”

Those who abhorred evil like deadly foes even spat at Jian Xin’er.

Ding Yiyi obviously wasn’t left out, either. Everyone cursed her with all the malicious words they could think of.

Sheng Yize stood ramrod straight and looked at Jian Xin’er coldly.

Wrapped in his arms, An Xiaxia tugged at his sleeve. He frowned and looked down, hearing her soft voice, “Sheng Yize… I’m so cold…”

She sounded so aggrieved that Sheng Yize felt a throbbing pain in his chest.

Lifting An Xiaxia up with both arms, Sheng Yize strode off, carrying her away with him.

Qi Yanxi watched them leave and chuckled self-mockingly.

Li Fanxing and Li Canxing hid in the shadows and enjoyed the show. “Heh, everyone is sympathizing with An Xiaxia now and lashing out at Jian Xin’er and Ding Yiyi, but after they calm down, they’ll start to think. Why are Sheng Yize and Qi Yanxi both on An Xiaxia’s side? How did she become the national idol’s girlfriend and the girl protected by the heir of the Qi family? Trust me, An Xiaxia won’t be able to handle the pressure of public opinion!”

Su Xiaomo, Kang Jian, and Chi Yuanfeng all followed Sheng Yize and An Xiaxia out.

He Jiayu paused a little and sighed to himself.

As expected, An Xiaxia had become Sheng Yize’s soft spot.

Was that a good or bad thing?

Only time would tell.

The hospital.

Stars twinkled in the sky. The teenager in a white shirt closed the window and shifted his gaze back to the bed.

An Xiaxia had changed into a clean hospital gown, her porcelain skin a stark contrast to the blue-and-white stripes. She was now quietly asleep. On the back of her fair hand was the IV needle.

Luckily, despite how cold it was, there was nothing seriously wrong with her. She only needed to take her medication and get her injections all over again.

The sound of the window closing seemed to rouse her. An Xiaxia’s eyelashes quivered and she slowly woke up.

She looked right into Sheng Yize’s eyes. She blinked and closed her eyes again.

Sheng Yize sat down beside her bed and asked in a low, soft voice, “Xiaxia, have I put you under too much pressure?”