Chapter 277: We Still Have A Lifetime Ahead Of Us (1)

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Those words seemed to shock An Xiaxia and her eyes shot open. She blinked and blinked, but didn’t know what to say.

“With me, you can be willful and unreasonable, and you don’t have to play tough. If you feel unhappy about something, just tell me. I’ll change for you a little bit at a time. Alright?” Sheng Yize’s tone was unbelievably gentle. An Xiaxia had always thought she had a tough heart, but even she couldn’t resist anymore.

“Won’t you feel that… I’m not good for you… Sheng Yize, you’re not a blockhead, are you?” An Xiaxia asked gingerly. All this time, she had had this feeling of inferiority. Sheng Yize was so good and so perfect that he felt like a dazzling yet unattainable being. Even when he was within her reach, she still found him elusive.

When such a wonderful person fell for her, apart from delight, what she felt more was an unknown fear.

She was so afraid that this was all a dream and that he would leave her as suddenly as he had come to her. She was anxious about losing him, she was flustered, and she was uneasy.

“You’re the blockhead!” Sheng Yize flicked her forehead with a finger and blue veins bulged on his forehead again.

Actually, what An Xiaxia didn’t know was that a lot of times, he was uneasy and anxious as well.

Even the most valiant warrior would become timid and overcautious when falling in love.

He also feared that An Xiaxia wouldn’t like him and that she would be unhappy. He had fears as well, he really did.

It was true that to many people, he was the nation’s aloof idol, but in this relationship, he was nothing but a common teenager.

A tsundere that liked An Xiaxia, but teased her about being dumb all the time.

An Xiaxia eyed him suspiciously and actually began to use her brain. Could it be that low IQ was actually contagious?

She couldn’t have made Sheng Yize dumber, could she?!

OMG! What Sheng Yize had said was that after she went out with him, he would have a positive influence on her and make her smarter. However, it was turning out to be the other way around, wasn’t it?

She moved further down into her duvet and cleared her throat. “I’m sleepy and I’m going to bed. Good night!”

Sheng Yize gave her a “hm” and tucked her in. “Good night.”

An Xiaxia darted her eyes around and paused when her gaze landed on him.

He had given her his jacket by the fountain and seemed to have stayed that way since then?

Although there was central heating in the ward, wearing a single shirt was still too little! Didn’t he feel cold?

“Aren’t you going to bed?”

“I will after you fall asleep,” said Sheng Yize lightly, as if it was the most reasonable thing.

An Xiaxia felt even more guilty now. What should she do? He really seemed to have been infected…

“Ahem… How about we sleep together?” The bed in the VIP ward was big enough, after all.

Sheng Yize narrowed his eyes at those words and the look he gave An Xiaxia had completely changed.

Didn’t this little woman know what it meant to say that to a man?

“I didn’t mean it that way! Stop what you’re thinking! I’m not ‘sleeping’ with you!” An Xiaxia explained right away.

A teasing look flickered in Sheng Yize’s eyes. He then smiled, lifted a corner of the duvet, and lay down beside An Xiaxia.

“Close your eyes.”

An Xiaxia was nervous for a moment, but the breathing of the teenager beside her gradually became long and even, which calmed her down as well. Before she knew it, she was snuggling into Sheng Yize’s arms.

Drifting off, she could still hear Sheng Yize’s murmur.

“With your dumb little head, will our daughter be so gullible? A boy… That sounds nice. Hm… Forget it, girls are better. A little dumb girl will be as cute as you…”