Chapter 278: We Still Have A Lifetime Ahead Of Us (2).

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Children? Did Sheng Yize not only want her as a girlfriend, but was thinking about their future as well?

However, she was so sleepy that she found a comfortable position in his arms and fell asleep.

Sheng Yize stroked her hair casually, as softly as possible.

An Xiaxia had a queer preference: she liked to have her hair stroked.

It was almost like a puppy… that liked to have its fur combed.

At this thought, a light smile crept onto Sheng Yize’s face, but gradually faded again.

He had met a person tonight.

Someone known as “Mr. Song” in the business world.

Mr. Song knew him, for the two families had had many business dealings. He had stopped Sheng Yize to have a brief conversation, which had delayed him from getting to An Xiaxia.

Somehow, he felt that there was a big mystery to Mr. Song’s presence at Qixia.

When she woke up, the sun was shining brightly outside. An Xiaxia rubbed her eyes and her surroundings gradually came into focus.

Sheng Yize’s shirt had all crumpled up, but it did nothing to demean his good looks. His thick eyelashes cast beautiful shadows on his face in the golden sunlight.

An Xiaxia swallowed and moved closer involuntarily to take another look.

Awww… No wonder he was an idol. His face was perfect! He was a work of art from all angles!

An Xiaxia covered her mouth and giggled, overwhelmed by this sweet feeling.

She was still drooling over his face when the big hand on her waist gripped her tighter and a deep voice sounded over her head. “Like what you see?”

An Xiaxia was dumbfounded. Cheeks flushing, she stammered and denied, “I wasn’t looking at you!”

“Miss An, you’ve been watching me for five minutes. Just admit it.”

An Xiaxia’s cheeks grew redder.

He had been awake the whole time!

“Ahem… I was only trying to see if you have goop in your eyes… Yes, that was all…” An Xiaxia said embarrassedly, which only made her even more embarrassed…

Aaah! Why did she have to bring up goop?! Stop making stupid mistakes in front of such a beautiful face!

Sheng Yize chuckled, apparently quite delighted.

“You’ll have enough time to do that. We still have a lifetime ahead of us.” With those words, he got out of bed. An Xiaxia was dazzled by how handsome he looked.

He unbuttoned his shirt, revealing the muscled chest beneath. An Xiaxia only darted a brief look before hiding back under the duvet.

When her head resurfaced gingerly, Sheng Yize had finished changing his clothes. With the cream-colored sweater, he looked milder and softer.

“I’ll go get the doctor to examine you again.”

He strode off, leaving An Xiaxia to jab the tips of her index fingers together under the duvet.

Recalling his nice body from just then, she blamed herself for not stealing another look…

Bah! Stop thinking about it! You’re going to give yourself a nosebleed!!!

Sheng Yize brought the doctor back and before he walked in, he heard a loud “Xiaxia Wifey!” which made his face turn grim. He pushed the door open and saw an ingratiating Kang Jian buttering up to An Xiaxia while holding her arm. “Xiaxia Wifey, please! Mwaaa! Luv ya!”

An Xiaxia struggled. “Worthless Kang! You idiot! Let go of me!”

Kang Jian chuckled. “Say no and I’m sending your ugly childhood photos to Sheng Yize!”

He was thinking how effective this threat would be when a teasing voice rang out behind him. “I’d like that.”

Kang Jian looked around and felt like fainting.

He was doomed! The overprotective boyfriend had just caught him messing with his girlfriend! What should he do now?! This was so scary!