Chapter 279: Yo! Yo! Here We Go! (1)

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“Hoho… Sheng Yize, hi. I’m just here to visit Xiaxia. Baby Xiaxia, rest well.” The smile on Kang Jian’s face was uglier than a grimace as he released An Xiaxia.

An Xiaxia let out a breath of relief while Su Xiaomo next to him mocked, “Kang Jian, go on with your threat! Let’s see how Boss Yize kicks your ass!”

Crestfallen, Kang Jian huddled in a corner. The doctor then examined An Xiaxia and announced that she was fine. The hospital could release her now and she would only need to take her medication on time back at home.

“What did you tell my dad about what happened?” An Xiaxia looked at Su Xiaomo nervously.

Su Xiaomo patted her cheek. “Don’t worry. I told Uncle you stayed over at my place and he suspected nothing.”

“Good.” She didn’t want her family to get worried.

The two then chatted casually, which included nothing but Su Xiaomo’s indignant accusations directed at the two bitches Jian Xin’er and Ding Yiyi.

Su Xiaomo was as tough a girl as she had always been and all kinds of harsh comments flowed out of her mouth, which made An Xiaxia fidget uneasily. She couldn’t help but steal a glance at Sheng Yize over on the other side.

Sheng Yize stood tall and straight by the wall and was “kindly asking” Kang Jian something.

” Sob … Boss Yize, please cut me loose. I’ll never mess with Xiaxia again…” Kang Jian buried his head in his hands and pleaded.

Sheng Yize asked casually, “Did you say you have pictures of Xiaxia from her childhood?”

“Yes! Yes, I do! Cute ones and ugly ones!”

“Give me those and I’ll forget what you did.”

“For real? For real?”

At those words, An Xiaxia couldn’t stand it anymore. “Worthless Kang, are you going to sell me out just like that?! You’re not giving them to him!”

Sheng Yize raised an eyebrow. “Hm? What do you say?”

Kang Jian was torn between the two sides and said hesitantly, “Well… Boss Yize, if I can borrow Xiaxia for a performance with me, I’ll give you all her photos!”

After Christmas was the New Year and it was Qixia’s tradition to have a New Year’s Gala. The goofy Kang Jian wanted to perform in it badly. However, Su Xiaomo had relentlessly turned him down and he could only count on An Xiaxia.

“That can be arranged.” Sheng Yize narrowed his eyes and gave him a harmless smile.

Kang Jian bought it right away and gave him a high five. The two practically looked like the best of buddies.

However, An Xiaxia and Su Xiaomo thought they could almost see a pair of fox ears twitching on Sheng Yize’s head…

This scheming fellow was so terrifying!

After hiding at Su Xiaomo’s place for two days for her health to recover, An Xiaxia went to school as usual on Monday.

She found a lot of students pointing at her when she got there, which made her feel at a complete loss.

Speechless, she headed for her own classroom. As soon as she set foot inside, she was surrounded by a group of enthusiastic classmates.

“Oh my, An Xiaxia, you’re finally here! Are you and Captain Yize together now?”

“That can’t be right! Qi Yanxi was the one standing up for you! What’s your relationship?”

“Oh my god, that’s huge! Do tell! Which one is your boyfriend?”


An Xiaxia was utterly confused and had no idea where all these questions came from.

Was this all because Sheng Yize and Qi Yanxi had saved her on the night of the ball?

A penetrating male voice stopped her train of thought —

“An Xiaxia, have you heard? Jian Xin’er and Ding Yiyi have been kicked out of Qixia High because of you!”

“What?” An Xiaxia was shocked.

Outside, Qi Yanxi gave the door a kick and said in a cold voice, “What the hell are you doing gathering here?”

That scared the crowd out of their wits and they scattered right away.

Qi Yanxi strode to his seat and An Xiaxia ran after him. “Qi Yanxi, what on earth is going on?”