Chapter 280: Yo! Yo! Here We Go! (2)

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Qi Yanxi’s face was so dark that it reminded her of a cloudy sky.

“Sheng Yize is more qualified than me to answer your question.” After that cold reply, he bent over his desk and fell asleep.

After sitting near Qi Yanxi long enough, An Xiaxia was well aware of this trait of his and knew better than to disturb him while he was sleeping.

Otherwise… you would end up with a bristling Lion Qi.

Starry Night had public appearances to go to today and none of the trio were at school. Sitting at her desk, An Xiaxia couldn’t hear a word the teacher was saying. She felt as if a cat was scratching her heart.

Hadn’t Jian Xin’er been so arrogant and presumptuous all this time? She was from a wealthy family and so was Ding Yiyi. How could they be kicked out just like that?

When the bell rang and the class was over, her best “sucky” friend Su Xiaomo strolled up and said with a smile, “Aren’t you eager to know what happened to those two little bitches?”

An Xiaxia nodded and asked eagerly, “What happened?”

She had only taken a sick leave of absence for two days and had come back to this news!

“I don’t know everything, actually. Only that the stocks of the Jian and Ding families dropped like crazy these few days and Captain Yize talked to Jian Xin’er and Ding Yiyi in private for a brief moment after they arrived at school the other day. The two then left, looking all battered up. The class teacher told us that they had transferred. I think they dropped out because of the pressure! Well, all the better! The evil sisters are finally gone!” Su Xiaomo said with an animated face. Seeing how dumbfounded An Xiaxia looked, she couldn’t help but tease her, “Hey, what’s with that dumb face? It was so obvious. Captain Yize did something to make those two disappear for you!”

An Xiaxia was overwhelmed by the shocking news.

The conversation with Jian Xin’er the other night replayed in her head.

“I deserve to die? Heh, the feeling is mutual for your entire family! I’m not going to die and I’ll live a life as happy as can be! As for you, get out of my life already!”

So, Sheng Yize had really kicked Jian Xin’er and Ding Yiyi out of Qixia because of what she had said?

For a moment, a tumult of emotions overtook An Xiaxia and she didn’t know what to say.

He had meant it when he said he was going to make her happy! He didn’t make empty promises!

During the lunch break, An Xiaxia was going to catch up on some sleep when the goofy Kang Jian dragged her to the kickoff audition for the New Year’s Gala.

An Xiaxia was utterly speechless at this.

New Year’s Eve was days away and those who wanted to perform had long prepared their performances. However, Qixia had a free and open attitude toward this event and was still accepting applications.

They arrived at the auditorium and reported why they were there. The man in charge looked at them in disbelief. “Why are you only handing in your application now?”

Kang Jian handed him two bottles of water and tried to make light of it. “Participation is all that matters! Please give us a chance!”

The man gave it some thought and let them get on stage.

Their performance was a simple one. It was a remix of a rap and an English love song. An Xiaxia would take care of the singing and chorus part, while Kang Jian would do the B-Box and the rap.

Their performance went okay until it was Kang Jian’s turn to rap. He got keyed up and forgot his lyrics!

“Yo! Yo! Here we go! Check now…” Kang Jian wrinkled his face and struggled with the words before continuing with, “Repeat after me! Repeat again!”

He gave An Xiaxia a look, hinting that he had forgotten his words. An Xiaxia was utterly baffled as well and they stood there staring at each other. After racking her brain, she timidly carried on from there. “Repeat four times… five times…”

The judges: You’ve got to be kidding me!