Chapter 282: Just Wait And See!

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The three teenagers on stage were dazzling. Just by standing there, they had attracted all the attention in the hall.

Their rendition of “Boundless Starry Night” was so romantic and affectionate.

An Xiaxia held her face between her hands and watched their performance devotedly.

Although it was only a rehearsal, she could still tell how serious they were about their job.

Many thought that Starry Night was nothing but pretty faces and ignored all the efforts they made and their true talent.

They were in fact remarkable young men.

An Xiaxia couldn’t help but giggle.

Kang Jian pursed his lips and felt speechless. “Xiaxia, you’re practically drooling. You held my hand when you were little and said you were going to marry me. I never expected that you would love someone else now.”

An Xiaxia said embarrassedly, “You tricked me into saying that with a small pudding! You told me you’d buy me a lot of puddings if I married you… Hm, how could I have been so stupid…”

“You’re not much smarter now…” Kang Jian added mockingly.

“…” An Xiaxia almost choked on her spit.

On stage, the three had finished the song, which was received with a round of applause!

Chi Yuanfeng swiftly jumped off the stage when He Jiayu whispered something to Sheng Yize. The looks on their faces froze for a brief moment before they turned to the entrance in unison.

An Xiaxia shifted her gaze and followed their line of sight.

A man and a woman were standing by the door. They looked like the perfect couple together, but to An Xiaxia, they were so offensive to the eye!

It was Rong Che and Li Fanxing!

The other students soon spotted them and everyone began to shriek again.

All thirty episodes of “Banished Immortal” had aired and the ratings were through the roof. As the lead actor, Rong Che was all over the media headlines again. As a result, many supporting actors and actresses had also gained popularity.

Right now, Rong Che, Li Fanxing, and Starry Night were all here in the same room. No wonder everyone was over the moon!

Rong Che waved at the crowd with an appropriate smile on his face. Li Fanxing walked gracefully behind him and they stood by the stage together.

“Jiayu, Yize, Fengfeng, long time no see,” Rong Che greeted them mildly.

Chi Yuanfeng pursed his lips and pretended to be attracted by something else. He Jiayu shifted his gaze, not to mention Sheng Yize, who couldn’t be bothered to acknowledge their presence.

The smile on Rong Che’s face froze for a second when an idea dawned on him. Following Sheng Yize’s eyes, he couldn’t help but smile.

As expected, he was looking at that girl.

He went up to An Xiaxia and smiled amiably. “Xiaxia, it’s been a while. I see you’re Yize’s classmate.”

An Xiaxia smiled uneasily. Ever since last time when she had overheard the conversation between Rong Che and Sheng Yize, she had lost all her good impression of him.

Rong Che seemed to realize something. He raised his eyebrows and tried to say something when An Xiaxia interrupted him. “I have some errands to run. See you~”

She left, dragging Kang Jian with her. Rong Che stood there and the look on his face turned cold.

Had An Xiaxia stopped liking him? Wasn’t she his fan?

Sheng Yize ignored Li Fanxing, who had come up to him and tried to strike up a conversation. He took the stairs down from the stage, ready to catch up with An Xiaxia.

“Sheng Yize.” Rong Che stopped him.

Sheng Yize gave him an indifferent look.

Rong Che lowered his voice. “How does it feel to be shelved? Apart from those petty public appearances, all you can get are these pathetic followers here at school… How does it feel to fall from grace?”

Sheng Yize curled his lips. “Not bad. It’s better than losing sleep over a guilty conscience.”

“You —” Rong Che was infuriated, but managed to fight back his rage. “Just wait and see!”