Chapter 283: Sheng Yize, Do You Wear Long Johns?

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Sheng Yize smiled nonchalantly, gave him a cold glare, and brushed past him.

Rong Che stood awkwardly on the spot and couldn’t decide whether to leave or stay. Li Fanxing finally found a way out for him. “Senior Rong, it’s time for our rehearsal.”

Accompanied by the cheers of the crowd, Rong Che forced out a smile and went up to the stage with Li Fanxing.

He was here to make trouble!

Of course, it was also to increase exposure for himself. With the popularity of the “Banished Immortal,” the main actor and actress could at least get a nice spot on the entertainment page with this performance.

As for Sheng Yize… A strange smile crept onto Rong Che’s face as his eyes glinted coldly.

The higher Sheng Yize climbed, the more painful it would be when he fell. Rong Che was really looking forward to seeing Sheng Yize fall into hell!

An Xiaxia went back to the classroom, made an elaborate show of finding an exercise book, and sat down to solve the problems.

Kang Jian thumped his chest and stamped his foot, pouring out his woes to Su Xiaomo. “Sis Mo, we got eliminated just like that! Aaah! I bought two bottles of soft drink for that man! It cost me eight whole yuan! That was the worst investment I ever made!”

Su Xiaomo snorted in an aloof manner. “Do you know why I didn’t show up for your performance? I saw this coming all along! And, you two are hopeless. Street entertainers at least get paid for their performance. You paid others to get laughed at!”

“…” Kang Jian’s lips quivered and he cried a river inside.

Gosh, something must have happened to Su Xiaomo! Her sharp tongue was killing him!

Somewhere he couldn’t see, Su Xiaomo stroked a paper bag in her drawer as she hesitated over whether to give the gift or not…

Would he accept it?

An Xiaxia finished two whole pages. She was very proud of herself at the two pages of answers she had written down.

Check it out. With Sheng Yize’s careful tutoring, the lousy student had just turned into a curve wrecker! That was worth a celebration!

A teasing voice overhead shattered her fantasy immediately. “Xiaxia, the accuracy of your answers is as miserable as always…”

Pfft —

An Xiaxia almost choked on her spit. Looking up, she saw Sheng Yize sit down gracefully. His eyes were filled with… pity.

Pity from a straight-A student for someone on the other end of the spectrum…

“Have I really made that many mistakes?” An Xiaxia was so aggrieved. Checking the back of the exercise book for the correct answers, she was devastated by what she found.

Frustrated, she bent over the desk and tried to find an excuse. “I didn’t eat enough lunch. That’s why I didn’t get them right!”

“Didn’t you have a portion of braised pork and sweet and sour fillet each, together with a carton of yogurt, and some crispy noodles?” Sheng Yize asked calmly.

“Hm… Then it’s because I went to that audition just then and got worn out! My brain needs its rest, too!” An Xiaxia wouldn’t admit defeat.

“If counting numbers has exhausted your brain, Xiaxia, you really need some medical attention,” said Sheng Yize in a serious tone.

“… Then it’s because I’m wearing long johns and they interfere with my mind!” An Xiaxia said proudly. Something then seemed to dawn on her and she asked, blinking her eyes, “Sheng Yize, do you wear long johns?”

Whether an idol would wear long johns or not was a question that had bothered her for many years!

Dark clouds seemed to gather over Sheng Yize’s head. He wouldn’t dignify that idiotic question with an answer, but An Xiaxia had made up her mind to check it out herself. She went for the bottom of his trouser leg right away and tried to lift it up.

“An Xiaxia, behave yourself!” he scolded in a low voice.

Chi Yuanfeng got back with his yogurt at that moment and saw what was happening. Horror washed over his face. “Ah… Don’t mind me. Enjoy yourselves…”