Chapter 284: Go Away! You Disgust Me!

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Awww! Xiaxia was pulling Brother Yize’s trousers off! Awww! That was way too much excitement for one day!

An Xiaxia and Sheng Yize said in unison, “It’s not what you think!”

Their timing was so perfect that it felt like they were protesting their innocence too much.

Chi Yuanfeng gave them a “no need to explain, I feel you” look and astonishment was written all over his handsome face. He nodded repeatedly. “I know, I know. Go on! I’m off!”

He swung around and fled with his yogurt.

Sheng Yize and An Xiaxia were left speechless in their seats. They exchanged a look and felt as if they were going to die from embarrassment.

An Xiaxia was the more frustrated one. She was only lifting his trouser leg, not taking his pants off! With that goofy Chi Yuanfeng’s reaction, everything felt so wrong now!

Sheng Yize brushed off her little paw with a disdainful look. “Xiaxia, I’ll blush if you try to take off my pants like that.”

She hadn’t gotten that far! And, why did it get worse when he put it that way?!

An Xiaxia pouted and sadly compared their legs. There was central heating both in the school and back at home. However, she got cold easily and had on a pair of long johns and a pair of woolen trousers under her uniform trousers… With those on, her legs looked about the same size as Sheng Yize’s…

And probably a little thicker…

“Are people who don’t wear long johns smarter?” she asked curiously.

“I don’t know about that, but I’m sure of one thing…” he said with a drawl for dramatic effect. “That you really are a little fool.”

“Go to hell!” An Xiaxia exploded and the two bickered noisily.

The other girls in the classroom all eyed An Xiaxia with murderous looks. During recess when Sheng Yize was away, Liu Yuanyuan came over and said with jealousy, “An Xiaxia, you’re so close with Sheng Yize and we’re all so envious~”

Instantly, all the girls glared at An Xiaxia with jealous looks.

An Xiaxia would no longer condone such attitude. She snorted. “Stay envious, then~”

“…” That rendered Liu Yuanyuan speechless and her face turned livid.

“And, Liu Yuanyuan, I still have to settle my account with you over that lounge incident from last time. How about we go talk to Miss Bai now?” An Xiaxia put on a poker face and looked perfectly domineering.

Before, she had always tried to settle things peacefully unless there was no other choice. Whatever happened, she made light of it.

Now, she was done being tolerant!

There were simply people in this world who couldn’t bear to see her happy. They would drop stones into a well after a man had already fallen in, and would talk behind other people’s backs. The further she backed away, the closer they would press in!

In fact, they were nothing but losers who assumed other people’s authority as their own!

Liu Yuanyuan didn’t expect An Xiaxia to be this sharp now and began to stammer.

The other girls in the classroom also kept their silence.

An Xiaxia raised her chin bravely and Mu Li admired her for that.

She was really envious of how brave An Xiaxia was.

“An Xiaxia… you, you… I, I know you wouldn’t do that… We’re good friends, aren’t we?” Liu Yuanyuan feigned a smile and tried to hold An Xiaxia’s hand. Just then, Qi Yanxi, who had been sleeping, suddenly sat up.

Unavoidably, Liu Yuanyuan’s arm brushed Qi Yanxi, which scared her out of her wits!

Qi Yanxi was an infuriated lion. “Go away! You disgust me!”

Liu Yuanyuan scrambled to her seat while An Xiaxia looked at Qi Yanxi in fright, having no idea what had set him off this time.

Qi Yanxi looked this way and that before his gaze landed on An Xiaxia. He then narrowed his eyes, grabbed her by her collar, and dragged her out!