Chapter 285: Why Can’t It Be Me?

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“Hey, Qi Yanxi! Let go of me!” An Xiaxia struggled. However, Qi Yanxi overpowered her easily enough and dragged her out of the academic building.

An Xiaxia bristled furiously and struggled by using both her claws and teeth, which Qi Yanxi ignored completely. He acted as if it wasn’t his own flesh; not even a muscle moved on his face.

“The next period is starting soon and it’s English!” An Xiaxia was so piqued. He was the heir to the Qi family and obviously the teacher wouldn’t do anything to him, but she was a completely different story!

Sob … The devil was having another one of his psychotic episodes and she was the unlucky collateral damage!

Qi Yanxi dragged An Xiaxia behind him and they stumbled along until they reached the piano room. He kicked the door open and shoved An Xiaxia into the room, and An Xiaxia lost her footing and fell onto a piano, making a cacophonous noise.

Damn it! That bastard!

“What on earth do you want…” Grinding her teeth, An Xiaxia glared at him.

Qi Yanxi flexed his fists and took a deep breath. He knew he was losing it, but he simply couldn’t stand it anymore. Lashing out at An Xiaxia was the only thing he could think of.

“An Xiaxia, why is Sheng Yize the only one you care about? I sit next to you as well and I’m no worse than him in my looks and family background. You’re welcome to take off my pants to see if I’m wearing long johns. I’d be more than happy to show you!”

That lost An Xiaxia completely. “What?”

Had Qi Yanxi lost his mind?

He closed in and held An Xiaxia by her shoulders, pinning her down on the piano. He then asked in a hoarse voice, “Why can’t it be me? Why?”

He was much too strong and An Xiaxia was practically pressed onto the piano. While in terror of crushing the piano, An Xiaxia poured chicken soup for the soul all over Qi Yanxi in resignation. “Qi Yanxi, I’m dating him. He likes me and I like him. What sort of person would I be if I still got involved with you? It’s not right to have a foot in two camps!”

“I don’t mind!” Qi Yanxi said fiercely, which astonished An Xiaxia again.

She was going to keep on with her reasoning when an idea dawned on her suddenly. She then asked tentatively, “Qi Yanxi, what happened? Was it your family… Or, was it about Li Fanxing…”

All his ridiculous questions were probably directed at another person through her.

Maybe this arrogant and stubborn teenager wasn’t as tough as he appeared to be.

He was in fact in pain as well, wasn’t he?

Qi Yanxi loosened his grip and stared right into An Xiaxia’s eyes. Somehow, An Xiaxia felt very brave at that moment. Instead of being scared off, she looked right back at him.

Neither saw misgivings in the other’s eyes.

It reassured An Xiaxia that something must have triggered Qi Yanxi!

Although he was terrifying, bad-tempered, and annoyingly arrogant, he was a decent man deep down, especially in relationships.

That was why he had stayed out of her way after knowing about her relationship with Sheng Yize.

A person like that wouldn’t demean himself by asking An Xiaxia to sit on the fence.

“You can go now. I’m sorry.” Qi Yanxi looked abandoned and even apologized to An Xiaxia!

An Xiaxia found the whole thing unbelievably strange and stood dazed on the spot. Qi Yanxi suddenly raised his sharp-edged chin. “Go!”

An Xiaxia bit her lip and left the piano room.

Qi Yanxi stared blankly into the air in the empty piano room for a while before fumbling around in his pockets with shaky hands. It took him a moment to find his cigarettes.

He finished a whole pack, then opened the window to let some air in. It was another long while before he finally left.

A black wallet was left behind on a chair…