Chapter 286: Xiaxia, Be A Good Girl

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An Xiaxia had just reached the teaching building when she saw a tall figure march quickly toward her.

The sunlight was warm and mild in the winter afternoon. Walking against the light, his lips were pursed in a thin line. That handsome face and sculpted features made him the idol that had swept tens of thousands of girls off their feet.

An Xiaxia stared at him, feeling her heart skip several beats.

The teenager narrowed his pretty eyes at the sight of An Xiaxia and reached her in a few large strides. He grabbed her thin wrist and asked, “Where did Qi Yanxi take you?”

An Xiaxia timidly pointed at the piano room not far away.

Sheng Yize’s pupils contracted. Taking her by her arm, he was going to lead her back to the classroom when his gaze came to rest randomly on An Xiaxia’s collarbone.

A pink mark was on that delicate collarbone, which could be one of a lot of possibilities…

With her layers of clothing, it wouldn’t have shown. However, after the violent struggle from just then, An Xiaxia’s sweater had become lopsided, revealing the mark.

With what had happened, what else could it be if not a love bite left by Qi Yanxi?

Sheng Yize’s eyes darkened and he began to smile in that emotionless manner again.

An Xiaxia panicked. Knowing that it was a prelude to his tantrum, she waved her hands and tried to explain. “Sheng Yize, it’s not a love bite. I got bitten by a bug last night and I scratched myself…”

She really had been bitten last night… And she had scratched this weird mark herself…

Sheng Yize stared at her calmly. She couldn’t tell if he believed her or didn’t care about her explanation at all.

An Xiaxia’s heart sank.

She realized that Sheng Yize didn’t believe her. The explanation was more like a very unconvincing excuse…

The voices of the dean and the principal came from the top of the stairs. An Xiaxia bit her lip, fearing that she and Sheng Yize might be caught playing truant. She tugged Sheng Yize by his sleeve. “Let’s go back to the classroom.”

The hand on her wrist suddenly dragged her into the stairwell!

She was pinned to the wall by Sheng Yize. His passionate and imperious gaze landed on her face, taking in her flustered little face.

“It’s just a misunderstanding…” An Xiaxia wrung the lower hem of her clothes, but Sheng Yize acted as if he hadn’t heard her. He even gave her a quick kiss on the corner of her mouth.

An Xiaxia’s cheeks flushed right away! She stood there dazed, her body as frigid as stone.

Unhappy with her reaction, Sheng Yize kissed her full on the mouth. His tongue then pried her teeth open and he deepened that kiss…

An Xiaxia instinctively wanted to moan when she remembered the principal on the stairs… She immediately fought it back and didn’t dare make a sound.

Sheng Yize seemed to have anticipated this all along and kissed her even harder. He seemed to deliberately prolong that kiss.

An Xiaxia, who didn’t know how to breathe while kissing, was miserable. Color suffused her cheeks as she weakly held onto him by his shirt. She was so aggrieved that tears began to well up in her eyes.

Sheng Yize only let go of her when the principal and the dean left. An Xiaxia was gasping for air by then.

“Xiaxia, be a good girl,” he said in a nonchalant voice. An Xiaxia still feared that he was mistaken about her and grabbed the lower hem of his clothes. “It’s not a love bite! I really scratched it myself! I can make one again if you don’t believe me!”

Sob … The lengths she would go to, to prove herself!

Sheng Yize smiled teasingly. “I have a better idea.”

As An Xiaxia looked at him expectantly, he bent down and lay a kiss on her collarbone!

A moment later, he raised his head and commented, “Hm, it does look different from a love bite.”

Go to hell! He must have done this on purpose!